Borden Park Sled Hill – Rochester Hills MI Sledding

Borden Park on John R in Rochester Hills, Michigan has small sled hill ideal for taking small children sledding.Our backyard has a hill that we use frequently with a slip ‘n slide in the summer and for sledding in the winter. But, it does not compare with the hills at Borden Park in Rochester Hills. The entire park is surrounded by huge hills to keep it secluded from the surrounding main roads.  Anyway, it makes for some fun sledding. We’ve seen other kids there, and lots of sled tracks, too, but fortunately, it’s never been too crowded.  There’s lot of sledding ground to be had! The hills might not be big enough for adult thrills but it’s perfect for kids under 10.

Borden Park is located off John R. Rd. between Hamlin and Auburn roads, in Rochester Hills.

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