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An Open Letter to Trader Joe’s

My open letter to Trader Joe’s – Dear Trader Joe’s, stop taking my favorite products away! When I first met you many years ago, it was love at first sight. I thank you for all my favorite products that I can’t find anywhere else. You’re not perfect, but your “gems” have been something I will drive out of my way for.

I rely on some of your grocery items because they are unique, e.g. I love that you sell bacon that has no nitrites/nitrates. Your sweet potato tortilla chips are a definite favorite. My husband raves about your red salsa as the best he’s ever had. Your raw almonds are even cheaper than at Meijer!…


But, here’s where I almost want to break up with you… every time I fall in love, you discontinue an item and crush me. The staff tells me the item sells really well at the Rochester Hills location, but if that’s not the story across the country, the item gets ditched.

I’ve had to say goodbye to some highly sought after items such as: the fully cooked turkey link kielbasa sausage (with no nitrites/nitrates) that I would slice up for my kids and serve with cheese and crackers; the extra large bottle of Balsamic Vinegar that carried me through my vigorous salad eating phase; and most recently (my biggest heartbreak), the gluten free rice crisps that I relied on so heavily as my way of eating your canned salmon without a bread option.

There was no warning. I couldn’t buy out the shelves and stock up on these items. I was left to hear the news when I went back to the store and saw only a bare shelf where my favorite product used to be. Honestly, it was a shock and a huge disappointment.

Please Trader Joe’s, try not to be so fickle with your products. How can products grow and gain consumer traction if you’re constantly pulling items off the shelves? When you introduce a new product, please consider the poor consumers who become reliant on them as staples in their diets before you mercilessly yank them from the shelves after a short period of time. You’re such a tease!

I’m begging you, Trader Joe’s, to listen to your customers. You have a uniqueness about you that is your greatest asset. We come to you for the things we love. If you take them away, we may have to go away as well.

Lisa LaGrou / Oakland County Moms

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