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Aquibear Filter Replacement Directions

Aquibear Filter Replacement Directions with video. Instructions on how to replace the water filter / PPC filter / RO filter in this reverse osmosis water purifier. The company that makes Aquibear Countertop RO Water Purifiers is made in China and filter replacement in this compact unit can be a little complicated. I included step-by-step instructions (below) on how to replace filter and filmed a short video of it (also below).

Aquibear Filter Replacement Directions

  1. Unplug the system and remove the Tap Water Tank
  2. Swivel the spout to the short side and use it to help push the lid towards the Tap Water Tank spot. It will move only about a quarter of an inch and can then be lifted off
  3. Once the lid is removed, turn the filter that needs to be changed counter-clockwise one quarter turn to unlock it, use pliers if needed for a better grip
  4. Once unlocked, lift out of the compartment, use pliers if needed. Insert the new filter with the dashed line lining up to the unlocked symbol. Then turn clockwise one quarter turn to the locked position. You may have to push the filter down firmly to get it to turn, and you may need the pliers to turn it all the way to the locked position
  5. Replace the lid and reset the system – for the PPC filter, press the hot water and child lock keys for 3 sec at the same time. For the RO filter, press the hot water and cold water keys for 3 sec at the same time. When the system is reset properly, you will hear 2 buzzers
  6. Finally, flush the system out as you did when you first purchased it. i.e. with the tap water tank filled, lightly press the Change light (under the hot water button) while the spout is over the sink or a large container. Repeat two more times, or until all the lights are lit on for a moment



The Aquibear Countertop RO Water Purifier uses a 3-stage reverse osmosis (RO) filter system, and removes over 99.9% the nasties that could be lurking unseen in your tap water, such as chlorine, bacteria, micro plastics, heavy metals and other contaminants.

Learn more about the Aquibear Countertop RO Water Purifier HERE.

I hope this Aquibear Filter Replacement Directions post is helpful.

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