Basic Rider Course Motorcycle Classes Metro Detroit – Review

Macomb Community College and other communities in Oakland County and Metro Detroit offer Basic Rider Course Motorcycle classes through the Detroit-Metro Regional Consortium Motorcycle Safety Education Program designed to teach beginners and new riders necessary safety and skills needed to complete a Michigan Secretary of State written test over the course of 1 weekend. Successful completion of the Basic Rider Course will include a completion card which the Secretary will accept to waive the riding skills test.

I’m writing the review of the learn to ride a motorcycle Basic Rider Course at Macomb Community College as a means to provide people with an idea of what the class entails and perhaps offer suggestions to who may or may not be best suited to take the learning to ride motorcycle classes. These classes are offered at various Metro Detroit, MI locations on weekends throughout the spring and summer seasons.

The Basic Rider Course at Macomb Community College is offered through continuing education program at MCC. The learn to ride motorcycle class takes just a weekend and only costs $25! Other than signing waivers, the only thing you need to bring is proper safety equipment (DOT helmet, boots, full-fingered gloves, eye protection, full-length motorcycle riding attire).

Don’t be teased by the allure of learning to ride a motorcycle in just one weekend if you have little or zero riding experience. This course is thorough and packs as much info into one weekend as possible. It’s a figurative “crash course in brain surgery” if you are new to the world of motorcycles. I’m writing this from the standpoint of someone who literally is brand new to the world of motorcycles. I rode a dirt bike when I was 15 and know how to navigate a Quad or 4-wheeler. That’s the extent of my motorcycle experience. Next to zero.

This course uses actual full-sized motorcycles – not mini bikes or demo models like other, more expensive classes may offer. For the Basic Rider Course at Macomb Community College, we used Honda and Suzuki 250cc motorcycles. Slightly dinged up but more than adequate and effective for real-road use.

Basic Rider Course Motorcycle Class Day 1:
The motorcycle Basic Rider Course classes at Macomb Community College begin at 6p on Fridays. Friday is the “class” part of the weekend. Class size is around 100 people. On the first day, you dive right into your course book and look for answers to more than 125 motorcycle info and safety questions. It’s the equivalent of a 4 hour block class in college. The questions are designed to cover what will be on the written portion of your test on Sunday as well as prepare you for the Secretary of State written test you will eventually have to take. During class you are divided up into groups of 8-10 people you will be riding with for the range portion of the course on Saturday and Sunday. Day 1 lasts 4 hours.

Basic Rider Course Motorcycle Class Day 2:
Day 2 is a long, grueling day. You arrive at 8am for the first of three, 2 hour blocks of hands-on motorcycle range work. You literally learn to sit on the motorcycle at 8am and by 8:15a you’re riding a motorcycle! There are a series of rapid fire lessons to practice on the range that get progressively harder. Even if you’re not comfortable with a lesson by the time a certain exercise is over, the instructors will move forward to the next lesson. It’s extremely difficult to keep up if you have little experience on a motorcycle. A typical Day 2 schedule is: Range from 8a-10a. Break until noon. Range from noon-2p. Break until 4p. Range until 6p. Again, it is an extremely long day. Day 2 lasts 10 hours.

Basic Rider Course Motorcycle Class Day 3:
Day 3 is test day. The range part of the day involves the practice for the skill evaluation test you will have to take to receive your certification completion. You will have to take the written portion of your test after your range practice. After the written, you complete your motorcycle range skill evaluation and then head inside to wrap up class. Typical Day 3 Schedule: Range (skill evaluation prep), written exam, range (skill evaluation test), then wrap up. Day 3 lasts about 6 hours.

Now, for the review portion of the Motorcycle Basic Rider Course class offered by Macomb Community College. You can’t go wrong for $25 – no matter what. Do not expect this class to be a “cake walk” unless you have a substantial amount of motorcycle riding experience. By substantial I’d say if you have previous experience or a mentor that can guide you through basics before the class.  If you are brand new to motorcycles, you will likely struggle and likely be overwhelmed that the lessons come so fast and furious. The instructors are patient to a degree but you have to realize they have the difficult job of keeping nearly 100 riders rushed through the paces of the class to get them all certified. The learning to ride motorcycle classes are military-like in precision and results. If you’re the slightest bit uncomfortable about getting on a motorcycle, it’s going to be a long weekend. This class is not easy and doesn’t pretend to be. For $25 and a full weekend of your time, it’s the quickest and cheapest way I know of to become certified and on your way to motorcycle operator’s license from the Michigan Secretary of State.

The $25 learn to ride motorcycle Basic Rider Course is offered at the following Oakland County and Metro Detroit, Michigan locations:

Henry Ford Community College
Dearborn Heights Center
Ph: 313-317-1500
22586 Ann Arbor Trail
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

Macomb Community College
South Campus
Ph: 586-445-7225
14500 E. 12 Mile Rd
Warren, MI

Monroe County Community College
Ph: 734-384-4127
1555 S. Raisinville Road
Monroe, MI 48161

Oakland Community College
Ph: 248-522-3509
27055 Orchard Lake Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48334

Schoolcraft College
Ph: 734-462-4448
18600 Haggerty Road
Livonia, MI 48152

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