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Best Ever Juicy Burger Recipe from Celebrity Chef Tim Love

Best Ever Juicy Burger Recipe – Celebrity Chef Tim Love gives us Best Every Juicy Burger Recipe and offers some great tips about ingredients to add and what kind of meat to use.

Best Ever Juicy Burger Recipe from Celebrity Chef Tim Love

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – Tell us tips about your secrets to a juicy burger recipe?

Celebrity Chef Tim Love – So, the secret to a juicier hamburger is really one thing simply, and that’s to add just a little bit of Hellmann’s mayonnaise to the meat. About one Tablespoon per pound of meat. This makes the meat much juicier and you can cook the burgers all the way through without any worries and still keep the burgers juicy – obviously solving a lot of problems there.

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – Can you share your favorite juicy burger recipe?

Celebrity Chef Tim Love – I’m going to show you real quick how I like to make my favorite recipe and I’m going to make it easy for you. First of all, you want to start with a pound of meat. This is 80/20, ground chuck, 20% fat. We break it up just a little bit, and then we add in a few ingredients. I got a little garlic powder, chili powder, smoked paprika to give it a nice smokey flavor, and then a little bit of cumin… about a half teaspoon of each. And, of course, you’ve got to have some salt – about a Tablespoon for a pound of meat. And, then we add in our secret ingredient… about a Tablespoon of Hellmann’s mayonnaise into the meat. Mix that up really well. Make sure you get all the spices and mayonnaise blended really well. Then, you’re going to make the burger into about a half inch thick patty… about 6 oz. Form the patty, and then make sure your grill is nice and hot… about as hot as you can get it. Put it straight on the grill. Shut the lid. Wait about four minutes. After four minutes, you’re going to flip the burger and add your cheese. Let it cook another four minutes. While that’s going, make sure you toast the bun. It’s very important to toast the bun. It holds all the juiciness and doesn’t soak the bun. Remember, we’re building the juiciest burger ever. So, as the juice comes out, the buns got to be able to stand that. So, make a nice grill on the bun. Don’t put it on the top rack. Put it right on the grill; you’ll get a nice crust on it. That takes about 30 seconds on a really hot grill. Make sure you pay attention. Don’t burn the bread. Remove the bread. You’ve got some nice grill marks. Take the burger, put it right on top. I like to add a little lettuce and tomato to mine, and a little bit of shaved onion. Top with the other bun. No condiments needed. Juiciest burger ever, with a little bit of zip from the chili powder. That’s what I like.

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About Celebrity Chef Tim Love – Chef Tim Love is known as much for his vibrant personality as he is for his signature urban western cuisine, creating inspired and innovative dishes that have earned critical and popular acclaim. With restaurants spanning the nation from Seattle to Knoxville, Love’s roots remain in Texas, where he is chef and owner of beloved Texas restaurants Lonesome Dove Western Bistro, Woodshed Smokehouse, Queenie’s Steakhouse, Gemelle, Atico, and Love Shack, as well as the storied White Elephant Saloon.

Chef Tim Love hosted TV show on CNBC called Restaurant Kickstart, you can watch all the episodes HERE.

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