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Best Metro Detroit Cider Mills

Best Metro Detroit Cider Mills – Best cider? Best Donut? Best cider mills for kids? The best cider mills in Metro Detroit ranked across different categories.

The Oakland County Moms Cider Mill Awards AKA Best Metro Detroit Cider Mills



2023 Metro Detroit Cider Mills OPENING DAYS

I started piecing together the Cider Mill Directory a couple of years ago. I guess I’m a lousy critic. I love all of these mills! Some are better than others and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but each have there own charm and reasons why I enjoy them. People have asked me for recommendations best Metro Detroit cider mills and I have to ask them the return question  “well, what are you looking for?” In an attempt to break down the best attributes of our Oakland County Moms Cider Mill Directory, I’m presenting the Michigan Cider Mill Awards in order to recap the best Metro Detroit Cider Mills! Feel free to click on the links for full reviews and pics of each cider mill.

Best Metro Detroit Cider Mills – The Oakland County Moms Cider Mill Awards

altMost Educational Cider Mill
Winner – Westview Orchards and Cider Mill of Romeo/Washington Twp
Westview in Macomb County welcomes huge groups and schools with open arms and features a school house on its premises to educate children about the farm, the cider, the recipes and Michigan history. You’ll be seeing Westview in these awards more. Trust me.

Best Cider Mill to Take a Small Child
Winner – Three Cedars Cider Mill
Three Cedars Cider Mill offers Barn Yard Play Land for kids. This area is free for young visitors. Some cider mills have dingy or broken down play equipment but Barn Yard Play Land has an impressive amount of things to do for kids. They have a John Deere trike track, modern play barn with fun slides, Peter Rabbit bunny village, animals galore, and much more! The play area is very clean, and all the attractions are well-kept.
Runner Up – Long Family Orchard & Cider Mill

Blakes Barnyard FunlandMost Touristy Cider Mill
Winner – Blake’s
This is not a backhanded compliment. I love Blake’s in Macomb County! It’s the Cedar Point of Michigan Cider Mills. They have everything. Sometimes campy (they serve corndogs & pizza); Blake’s has entertainment, rides and lots of open space. They know how to market the cider mill experience. It’s pricey, it’s crowded, but it’s FUN.

Best Cider Mill to Take Your Parents or Grandparents
Winner – Big Red Orchard
Miller’s in Macomb County is a full-service cider mill experience but what I like the most about Miller’s is how “laid back” it is. You don’t have to park and walk very far to enjoy the cider and relax with. I always remember my late grandmother when I go there and think “God, she’d love this place.” Plus, the country store there would put even the best grandma’s pantry to shame.

Cleanest Metro Detroit Cider Mills
Winner – Westview Orchards and Cider Mill of Romeo
Usually a trip to the cider mill inevitably results into a breath-holding trip to a remote port-o-potty. Throw in an infant needing a diaper change or a toddler in the midst of potty training and it becomes a nightmare. Westview in Macomb County has a vast bathroom facility complete with changing tables. In addition to the bathrooms, the paths and stops at Westview are well-manicured and taken care of. Top notch.

Best Metro Detroit Cider Mills for Kids (over 4)
Winner – Blake’s Funland
When September hits Blake’s offers daily fun for kids that includes hayrides, haunted barn access, trike track, John Deere carts, corn mazes, rubber duck mazes and plenty more. Again, since 2007 we’ve been saying that Blake’s is the Cedar Point of Michigan Cider Mills. Funland is a blast, just watch the weekend traffic (and the high prices)! Full review / pics.

Most Sophisticated Metro Detroit Cider Mill
Winner – Franklin Cider Mill
The scenic Franklin Cider Mill is charming. Their open market has a Birmingham shopping feel to it. It’s a beautiful, almost romantic place that features fresh-cut flowers and a friendly staff. It’s 2 minutes from Telegraph but it feels like it’s hundreds of miles away from big city stress.

yates5Most Romantic Cider Mill
Winner – Yates*
Yates has an asterisk by it because I think it’s the most romantic cider mill. I love the streams, the rolling hills and the beautiful park across the street. BUT, you have to go on a weekday when the crowds are small. Yates might win least romantic on a busy Saturday.
Runner Up – Franklin Cider Mill

Best Looking Cider Mill
Winner – Parmenter’s Cider Mill
If you could apply high school yearbook awards for cider mills, Parmenter’s Cider Mill may run away with the crown of “best looking”. The cider mill is just beautiful – inside and out. Sure, the rustic red barn charm is gorgeous on the outside but the inside is tastefully decorated and inviting.
Runner Up – Yates Cider Mill has so much charm.
Runner Up – Franklin Cider Mill. Over 173 years old and as beautiful as ever!
Runner Up – Paint Creek Cider Mill right on Paint Creek Trail.

altBest “Hit-n-Runs” Metro Detroit Cider Mills
Winner(s) – Ashton Orchard and Cider Mill, Rochester Cider Mill, Goodison Cider Mill, Stony Creek Cider Mill, Hy’s Cider Mill
Need a quick cider/donut fix? These are your Macomb County and Oakland County cider mill hotspots. These places are perfect for driving right up, ordering and then hitting the road. Not a lot of frills, not a tourist trap, and won’t gouge you. Each of them offer many different things but these are the places to hit when you’re in a hurry because there isn’t a ton to necessarily see or do. They’re extraordinarily convenient and their cider and donuts are all delicious. Just because I don’t spend a lot of time at 7-11s doesn’t mean I don’t love 7-11s. Pro Tip 1 – Try the Peach Cider at Rochester Cider Mill. Pro Tip 2 – Try the Pistachio Nut Bread at Goodison Cider Mill.

Most Underrated Cider Mill in Metro Detroit Michigan
Winner – Westview Orchards and Cider Mill of Romeo
Westview is located very close to cider powerhouses like Miller’s & Blake’s. There is so much to do and so much to like at Westview that I think it deserves more recognition.
Runner-up – BLAKE’S LYON TWP

altBest “up north” feel Cider Mill in Metro Detroit Michigan
Winner – Diehl’s Orchard and Cider Mill
Located in Holly, Diehl’s has just enough to do to make it worth the trip without having a tourist-trap feel. Diehl’s has a outskirts of Traverse City or Petoskey feel without all the driving. If you can’t make it up north or don’t want to leave Oakland County, try a trip to Diehl’s.

Best Metro Detroit Cider Mills – Best Cider in in Metro Detroit Michigan
Winner – All
I’m not trying to punk out with this answer. I haven’t had a bad cup of cider yet. The reason for my answer is that the cider tastes different batch to batch. It depends on the crop of apples and not necessarily the mill.


See our OAKLAND COUNTY / CIDER MILLS tab for more Oakland County and Metro Detroit cider mills.

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