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Blossumz Breast Gel Packs Provide Soothing Relief

Blossumz Breast Gel Packs provide soothing relief for breast swelling and pain for breastfeeding, breast cancer patients, surgeries, and any other painful breasts issues.

Blossumz (patent-pending) are therapeutic hot/cold breast gel packs. Recommended by health care professionals and lactation experts, Blossumz provide immediate and effective relief of breast swelling and pain.

A must have for woman breastfeeding or recovering from breast surgery, Blossumz are a woman’s breast friend!

Blossumz Breast Gel Packs Features

  • Easily warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer
  • Provide generous coverage and conform to a variety of breast sizes
  • Light weight and fit conveniently inside your bra
  • Uniquely designed so gel can be distributed in or out of the gel packs center (nipple area) according to personal sensitivity
  • For added comfort, 100% cotton covers are available to purchase with each gel pack. Stylish and cozy, Blossomz covers provide a soft, comfy layer between the gel pack and skin.

Blossumz provide soothing and effective relief of sore and swollen breasts associated with these breastfeeding conditions:

  • Engorgement
  • Mastitis
  • Plugged milk ducts
  • Weaning phase

Blossumz Breast Gel Packs also serve as an aid to:

  • Encourage milk flow through the ducts
  • Stimulate the let down reflex
  • Assist women recovering from breast surgery

Blossumz Breast Gel Packs Reviews

“I have purchased Blossumz for fibromyalgia. The heating pad doesn’t work that well, but Blossumz is effective, comfortable and feel GREAT!” – Sally Gallagher, MI

“During my recovery from a mastectomy I used Blossumz to comfort me. They helped to releive the pain and swelling from the surgery.” – Pat W, MI

“Thank you for the prototype of Blossumz. I did use it as I had swelling after the mastectomy….It was easy to use, both for cold and hot use. I would put it into the freezer and then lay it over my chest where the mastectomy was – the cold compress felt wonderful” – MaryAnne Smith, MI

“Blossumz helped me through the challenges of breast feeding when my son was first born. With little time to care for myself, the gel packs were a quick and easy way to comfort my sore breasts. I was impressed with the high quality and effectiveness of the gel packs and would recommend them to anyone who plans on breast feeding” – Anne Calhoun, MI

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