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Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 Predictions

Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 Predictions – NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice returns for 2013 on March 3 and for the 5th straight year, I’ll be handicapping the odds and making predictions for the 2013 season.

Please note, I have zero “insider knowledge”. I just go by my hunches and have fun trying to predict the Celebrity Apprentice winners, final 4, and which celebrity will be fired first etc.. It’s just for fun. I’ve had tremendous success in the past with my predictions. I’ve predicted Final 2s, correctly predicted winners, Final 4s etc.. That said, I was trounced last season when only 1 of my Final 4 made it to the end and the celebrity I predicted would be bounced early (Clay Aiken) stunned me by making it all the way to finals. The latter picks’ fans taunted me the whole way. All in good fun.

I’m somewhat disappointed for the “All Star Cast” that will be taking part of this season’s Celebrity Apprentice. It’s not nearly as fun making predictions for contestants we’ve seen before. Plus, it truly is more difficult to make predictions because many of these cast members have already proven themselves in Trump’s Boardroom.

So, who will make it to the Final 4? Who will be fired embarrassingly early? Who will be the eventual Celebrity Apprentice for the 2013 season?

Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 Predictions

Trace Adkins – Country Music Superstar
Trace was a warrior in Season 7 and made it all the way to the Final 2 using a no-nonsense, detail oriented work ethic. Trace’s success was due to his straightforwardness and honesty. In a sea of boardroom brawls, Trace was often the voice of reason and earned the respect of everyone in Season 7. I think he’ll finish only slightly worse this time.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 Predictions for Trace Adkins – Final Four

Stephen Baldwin – Actor/Author
Stephen made it further in Season 7 than I thought he would. His weakness is that he often chooses sides and isn’t shy about back-biting. This season is full of creative heavyweights and I’m not sure about Baldwin’s ability to win tasks outright when creativity or hard work is involved. I don’t think he’ll make it beyond the midpoint of the season.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 Predictions for Stephen Baldwin – He’ll make it to the halfway point but won’t touch Final 4.

Gary Busey – Actor
Trump will make every effort to keep the Gary Busey train wreck around for ratings purposes. But, in a season full of superstars, I’m doubting the smart ones will want to keep Busey around very long if it hurts their chances to win. It was a near miracle Busey made it to the midpoint of Season 11. I’m doubting he’ll get that far this time.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 Predictions for Gary Busey – Bounced within the first 4 episodes. He’s going to have a target on his back.

Marilu Henner – Actress
Marilu Henner has wonderful poise and a photographic memory. That said, she somehow lost 2 challenges in Season 7 which led to her being fired around the midpoint of that season. If she can somehow use her intelligence to win tasks, she’ll be safe and advance far in this season of Celebrity Apprentice. I’m thinking she will. She’s easily among the top 2 female contestants this season and should rise to the top if she can avoid being a project leader early.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 Predictions for Marilu Henner – Final Four. Celebrity Apprentice Runner-Up

La Toya Jackson – Entertainment Entrepreneur
La Toya proved to be a very compassionate player in Season 11. She was unfortunately involved with a team that threw her under the bus whenever they could. She’s quirky, doesn’t always relate well with others but seems to have a heart of gold. This doesn’t equal Apprentice success, but she’s fun to watch. I think she’ll fall prey early to the same backbiting that led to her demise in Season 11 and it may happen even sooner for this season.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 Predictions for La Toya Jackson – Won’t make it to week 6.

Penn Jillette – Magician
A highly intelligent player, Penn is often “too smart for the room” and not always relatable. His unrelenting honesty also causes rifts and tension at times. He may have all the tools in terms of creativity and work ethic but his lack of gregariousness and potential brooding could lead to conflict. He’s too smart to get bounced early, but not people savvy enough to make the Final Four.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 Predictions for Penn Jillette – Just misses Final Four.

Lil John – Rapper/Entrepreneur
Underrated, Lil John took Celebrity Apprentice Season 11 by storm. He is creative, personable and went undefeated in tasks in which he was project manager. Trump has a soft spot for Lil John and he has a lot in common with other Apprentice All-Stars this season. I predict he’ll be his usual charismatic, creative self – all the way to the Final 4.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 Predictions for Lil John – Final Four. Celebrity Apprentice.

Claudia Jordan – Model
Claudia didn’t make it past week 4 in Season 8. Sure, Trump likes models but they’re the usually the first to go. She’ll have no room for error or losing a task if she hopes to make it to the mid-point of Season 13. I don’t think she will.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 Predictions for Claudia Jordan – Fired before week six.

Omarosa – Reality TV Star
Thankfully for Omarosa, Piers Morgan won’t be a cast member on this season’s Celebrity Apprentice. Omarosa is a great villain and beyond headstrong. She’ll have no qualms throwing weaker players under the bus. Sure, her act is getting old but she’s got enough fire in her to survive the midpoint of the season before boardroom demise.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 Predictions for Omarosa – Fired before the Final Four.

Bret Michaels – Rock Star
Bret has an incredible work ethic and makes friends easily. Those are strengths, but his truest asset is his ability to be humble AND gregarious. He rode a wave of success (and a little sympathy for his health issues) to a Celebrity Apprentice win in Season 9. He has the ability to return to the Final Four this season but I’m guessing all the magic he needed in Season 9’s victory won’t come together in season 13. He’ll be a joy to watch (again) though.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 Predictions for Bret Michaels – Just misses the Final Four.

Lisa Rinna – Actress
I thought Lisa had great potential in Season 11 but she lost her first and only task as manager and was fired in the 2nd episode. I felt she had potential but got a raw deal in the boardroom. This season should tell us if Lisa was a victim or if there is something there we’re not seeing that causes her to be on the outs with her teammates. She may survive the midpoint of the season but I don’t see her forming any sort of alliance or partnership that will keep her in good graces with Trump for too long.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 Predictions for Lisa Rinna – Fired before Week Six.

Brande Roderick – Playboy Playmate
Brande used her ability to fly under the radar and ride coattails with stronger players to find herself in the Final Four in Season 8. I think she’ll have similar success using this strategy this season but the results won’t carry her quite as far. If she can manage not to lose a task as project manager, she’ll be safe past the midpoint of the season.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 Predictions for Brande Roderick – Misses the Final Four by a week or two.

Dennis Rodman – NBA Hall of Famer/Bad Boy
He may quit early, be fired for a poor work ethic, isolate himself, show up drunk or all four at the same time. Which ever way, he won’t last long this season.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 Predictions for Dennis Rodman – Bounced in Week 1 or which ever week his team loses its first task.

Dee Snider – Rock Star
I was disappointed with Dee’s performance in Season 12. He did OK, I just expected more from the fiery frontman with a great work ethic and humongous chip on his shoulder. I think Dee is still Final Four material provided he goes “all in” and gets a win or two as project manager.
Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 Predictions for Dee Snider – Final Four.

Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 Predictions

Wildcards – Jillette, Jackson, Busey, Omarosa
Heated battles – Rinna vs Omarosa, Busey vs Everyone, Omarosa vs everyone, Snider vs Busey
I could be wrong about – Michaels
2013 Celebrity Apprentice Final Four – Adkins, Snider, Henner, Lil John
2013 Celebrity Apprentice Final Two – Lil John, Henner
2013 Celebrity Apprentice – Lil John

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