CodeWizardsHQ Summer Camps 2022

CodeWizardsHQ coding summer camps for kids & teens. Code your way to a fun and exciting summer with CodeWizardsHQ. With over 5 years of online teaching experience, they offer the most fun and effective live, online coding camps and classes for ages 8-18.

Kids and teens attend class virtually and build games, websites, and apps with the help of a live teacher.

Unlike other coding classes, CodeWizardsHQ has a structured and progressive coding curriculum that gives students continued achievements to strive for and reinforces their coding skills. Each course builds on the last and gives context into the next to give students a 360 view of what they are learning and how it fits into the world of coding around it.

Experienced teachers from the tech industry teach programming languages, libraries, and frameworks such as Scratch, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, jQuery, Aframe.js, and Flask. CodeWizardsHQ has the most comprehensive program for your student’s success.

CodeWizardsHQ Summer Camps FREE Benefits

  • Video Recordings of Every Class
  • Downloadable Slides for Every Class
  • Complimentary 1×1 Office Hours
  • Weekly Progress Report & Alerts
  • Daily Homework Help
  • Individual Course Certification
  • Direct Messaging with Teachers
  • Supportive Online Student Community
  • 24/7 Access to Proprietary Coding Platform
  • Path to Real-World Internship

During summer, your child can pick up new valuable skills in less than a week. Students will make new friends and learn a skill that will benefit them in the classroom and beyond. They’ll receive a great learning experience and beyond the classroom support while having fun doing it.

CodeWizardsHQ Coding Summer Camps & Classes Schedule 2022

Summer camp classes are available for

CodeWizardsHQ offers three summer class series for their 3 week summer classes

  • June Series – June 6 – 23, 2022
  • July Series – July 11 – 28, 2022
  • August Series – August 8 – 25, 2022

Students will meet for 1-hour per day on Monday – Thursday over 3 weeks and get a certificate of completion for each course that they pass.

Classes are beginner-friendly and no coding experience is required. Please see the recommended class sequence and available class times for your child’s grade. CodeWizardsHQ also offers advanced placement testing for students who have done some coding in the past.

CodeWizardsHQ Summer Camps Schedule

CodeWizardsHQ offer four summer camp series for their 1 week summer camps.

  • May 30 – June 3
  • June 27 – July 3
  • July 5 – July 9
  • August 1 – August 5

Try out the new Minecraft and Roblox coding camps! Students will meet for 2 hours per day for 5 consecutive days and learn coding through some of their favorite games.  Camps are beginner friendly and lots of hands on fun.

CodeWizardsHQ Summer Camps Discount

Take early bird discount of $50 off if you enroll before May 1st! Save your spot today.

Enrollment for 2022 is open now! Enroll at



For more information about CodeWizardsHQ Summer Camps, visit their summer program page or email

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