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Droid Review and Video

Droid Review and Video – Review and video demo of the Droid. Droid was just released. I’ve got a Droid in my hands to try out and review. I’ve only had the Droid for a few days and I can already speak highly of this new phone. I LOVE THIS Droid!


[vsw id=”YBJTy0LVNP4″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

First, I will go over what makes this phone different than most.


1. Google Search – Verizon Wireless and Google have formed a partnership. Now, anything you love and enjoy from Google that you can get on your desktop, you can get on the Droid too. One really awesome feature is that you can do a voice activated search via Google. You’ll see this demonstrated in the video. (It did not work on the first take, but it normally does.) If you have a confusing name, you can even spell it out on the voice activated search. Google is the search engine for Android. Currently, the Droid phone is the only one with Android on it. More Verizon phones will become available with these features.

2. Three Customizable screens – This is a little hard to explain so the video will definitely help. Basically, you get three home screens on your phone that you can customize with whatever “shortcuts” you want, e.g. youtube, games, speed dials, etc.

3. Market – Here’s where you get all the good stuff. You can download so many of the apps for the Droid in the market, and 40% of them are free. These were developed by Android 2.0, which is the operating system used on this phone. There are so many to choose from.  Once you download an app, you can also then put it up on one of your customized screens.

4. Quick and easy navigation – Wow, is this phone EASY to use. I have been shying away from the latest in technology since it has been moving so fast and I can’t keep up. But with the Droid, you can pick it up and learn it in no time. Plus, it’s fun. I tend to get frustrated with these things, but the Droid goes from screen to screen so easily, it is like it is reading your mind. the Droid was by far the easiest phone for me to pick up and learn. That’s exactly what I need from a phone.

5. Bar menus – Whenever you get a new email, voicemail, newly downloaded app, etc., it will appear in the Notification bar which is located at the top of the phone and can easily be pulled down like a window shade to view. The application bar is located at the bottom of the home page and can be pulled up to view all the available applications. In the video, you will see how you can pull from this application listing to customize your three screens.

6. Screen – this is the largest screen out there and has the best resolution. When viewing a website, for example, the clarity is great and you won’t have to scroll much from left to right since it fits well. It’s also so clear that you can easily read even the finest print when searching, looking at websites, etc. Although it is a touchscreen phone, it also has a full QWERTY keyboard accessible.

7. Camera and video – The camera on the Droid is a 5 megapixel camera with a flash! It takes awesome pictures. And the video feature is great, too. My kids had so much fun taking videos and playing them back. It is all so incredibly easy to use. I had my kids at the Home Depot Kids Workshop event and I was able to video them and upload it to youtube via this phone. It was done in minutes.

8. Car Home – the Droid comes with its own GPS system so there is no need to sign up and pay for the VZ Navigator. Car Home gives you the same features and it’s free from Google!

A couple of “kind of” downfalls:
No tethering, yet, but they’re working on this. It still has Wi-Fi.
A little bit heavy, but no where near a deal breaker.

All in all, I totally plan on having one of these the Droids some day. It’s awesome!

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