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Fresh Gear Odor Eliminator Spray Review

Fresh Gear Odor Eliminator Spray Review – Fresh Gear Odor Eliminator spray was created to combat extreme odors generated from sports equipment and athletic gear.

The product disinfects as it deodorizes and is proudly based in Lake Orion, Michigan.

For those of you familiar with the overpowering stench emanating from used hockey gear, then you can sympathize with the initiative behind developing the spray.


My kids play tennis, and although their tennis gear couldn’t possibly compare to the stench of the hockey gear or baseball bags, their tennis bags have become unbearable at times. Once the shoes go in the bag, the odor takes over.

I was given a couple bottles of Fresh Gear odor eliminating spray for my kids to sample. Like the bottle says, “It Works. Period!” Fresh Gear lived up to its claim and eliminated the odor. My kids sprayed it directly into their shoes and the odor is gone. The product leaves behind a faint and pleasant scent in place of the foul odor.

Fresh Gear utilizes a combination of proprietary ingredients including disinfecting alcohol, third generation odor encapsulation and a pleasant scent. This exclusive combination does the trick in eliminating the bad odors and freshens the athletic gear for long lasting odor elimination freshness.

In short, it eliminates the sources for the odor as opposed to masking it which means you use less product over the long haul because 1 treatment and your gear / bag is fresh until… well, it isn’t fresh any more.


You don’t have to be an athlete to get a lot of use out this spray. Fresh Gear odor eliminating spray can also safely be used on pet, smoke, and other everyday odors in your home or your car. My husband even uses it for detailing cars. It comes in an 8 oz spray bottle and can be purchased online. A subscription based plan is also available.

Fresh Gear- The Ultimate Odor Eliminator

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