Game Crazy Academy West Bloomfield MI

Game Crazy Academy

Game Crazy Academy West Bloomfield teaches kids ages 10 and up computer programming and how to code.

Game Crazy Academy offers the most comprehensive Computer Science curriculum for kids ages 10 and up with lots of fun, hands-on projects. Kids learn 2D & 3D Game Design, Robotics, Electronic Circuits, Mobile App Design, Minecraft programming, and much more!

Be sure to attend Game Crazy Academy West Bloomfield open house on March 22nd 2015 from 3-5pm at the Jewish Community Center in West Bloomfield (6600 W Maple Rd, West Bloomfield, MI 48322) to see all the fun things on display, meet the instructors and find out details about their curriculum. Bring the kids, as there will be fun games and prizes!

Text ACADEMY to 313131 to register for the open house on March 22nd 2015.

Game Crazy Academy is offering 2 weeks of FREE classes, so sign up today on their website.
Game Crazy Academy

Computer Science is not just for geeks. Technology is changing faster than we can blink, but the need for a grounding in computational thinking is here to stay. Learning Computer Science concepts allows for development of critical thinking, problem solving, design and communication skills, all of which are vital to a child’s career, no matter what profession they choose. Research shows that computer programming jobs in Michigan are growing at 3.7x the state average compared to other job openings. However, 9 out of 10 schools in the country do not teach Computer Science.

Game Crazy Academy is the first and only place in Michigan that offers the most comprehensive and on-going Computer Science education for kids 10+ years of age. Students can attend classes twice a week at their center located at the Jewish Community Center in West Bloomfield. Using a blended learning environment, Game Crazy Academy personalizes the curriculum for each child, allowing students to learn the concepts at their own pace. If your child took a few classes on robotics or game design but has forgotten what was taught due to a lack of on-going education, Game Crazy Academy is exactly what your child needs!

Game Crazy Academy West Bloomfield MI provides a multi-level, multi-year curriculum that spans 2D and 3D game design, stop motion animation, Minecraft programming, robotics, electrical engineering, mobile game and app design, Python, Ruby and Java programming, project management, basic and advanced web application development and much, much more! All lessons are taught using a mix of digital content and lots of hands-on projects. After the end of each course, students are tested in a variety of ways to demonstrate competency in the concepts taught before learning the next concept. Parents are provided with detailed real-time reports on their child’s progress through the curriculum.

“There is nothing like Game Crazy Academy in all of America today”, says Suman Chaudhuri, Chief Education Officer of Game Crazy Academy. “We have a unique approach that is transforming not only what is being taught, but also how it is taught to ensure maximum retention with our students. Sure, there are businesses that use NXT robots to teach basic programming or teach basic video game design concepts over a span of 5 days, but that is a stand-alone experience for a child. It does not offer on-going education in that concept or other important Computer Science concepts that ties together design and storyboarding, programming, graphic design, project management, leadership and other skills that are needed to succeed as a programmer in real life. Game Crazy Academy not only teaches kids all these skills in a cohesive curriculum, but also does it in a personalized way, allowing for each child to learn at his or her own pace so that they are not left behind if their peers are progressing faster than they are. Our in-class activities and projects allow our students to experience challenges that programmers will face in real life. In addition, our instructors are all Computer Science graduates who are well versed in what is being taught. Think of us as a school where students can keep coming to learn basic, advanced and emerging technologies and how to use them to develop applications much like those used in Fortune 1000 companies. The best part is that all of our classes are full of fun, creative and exciting hands-on projects that will explain complex concepts in simple ways and make it a ton of fun for our students!”


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6600 W Maple Rd
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
888-55-GAMECRAZY (888-554-2632)

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