Game Crazy Academy Zombie Survival Summer Camps 2018

Game Crazy Academy Zombie Survival Summer Camps info – Game Crazy Academy announces Game Crazy Zombie Survival Camp! Kids blend real-life role playing with thrills, strategy, STEM, team work and technology to create a highly memorable camp experience. Your child will participate in a real life zombie survival adventure that combines strategy and Nerf Guns battles with STEM!

Game Crazy Academy Zombie Summer Camps 2018

Game Crazy Zombie Survival Camp – July 23-July 27 AND August 20-24
Your child will partake in a real-life zombie survival adventure where he or she gets to choose what role their character will play – Special Ops, researcher, investigator, riddle solver, armor maker or being on zombie watch. As the story unfolds as to why they have been summoned to this location, your child will undergo an adventure that will have him or her gathering and analyzing DNA samples from zombies, building alarm systems using electronic circuits to warn them of incoming zombies, sending in autonomous robots into a room full of zombies to gather and analyze data, using drones to get an aerial view of zombie locations, going on search and rescue missions, using 3D printed parts to create solutions to puzzles, searching for and using Nerf guns with limited ammo to protect themselves from zombie invasions and even battling the zombie boss in an epic battle using bows, arrows, cross bows and highly advanced Nerf guns! The goal is to think critically, be smart and survive this adventure untill the end to find out how and why these zombies came to be.

Game Crazy Academy Zombie Survival Camp Features

  • Unique camp that blends real-life role playing with technology
  • Your child is not sitting at a computer all day. Lots of indoor and outdoor running around and exploration involved
  • Lots of interaction with other kids. Lots of team building activities
  • Learn a variety of skills every day – from critical thinking to strategy, learning about DNA, electronic circuits, robotics programming, 3D printing, operating drones & much more
  • Highly professional set up with a high end make up artist and very realistic looking zombie actors!

This camp is designed for kids ages 8 and up. Cost of Game Crazy Academy Summer Camps Zombie Survival Camp is $415 per week, per child.

Game Crazy Academy Summer Camps
33360 W 13 Mile Rd
Farmington Hills, MI 48334


For more info on Game Crazy Academy Summer Camps, visit

For more info on Game Crazy Academy Zombie Survival Summer Camps, visit

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