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Gift of Life Michigan Simplifies Organ & Tissue Donation

Gift of Life Michigan is a nonprofit that provides all services necessary for organ donation in Michigan. It is the only federally designated organ and tissue recovery program in the state.


There are many myths around organ donation that Gift of Life Michigan works to dispel. Registering to be an organ donor is safe and can be done regardless of your age or any medical conditions you may have.

One person can donate up to eight life-saving organs, and donated tissues and corneas can drastically improve the lives of another 75 people by restoring hope and mobility.

Facilitating Organ and Tissue Donation

Gift of Life Michigan works 24 hours a day as a liaison between donors, hospitals, and transplant centers throughout the state.

Through its work, Gift of Life Michigan recovers more than 1,000 organs a year from 300 or more organ donors. These organs are then matched with potential recipients on the organ transplant waiting list. This work saves hundreds of lives every year.

In addition to life-saving organ donations, thousands of lives are drastically improved with bone, skin, and other donated tissue. Tissue can be used to repair combat wounds for veterans, save patients with life-threatening burns, and rebuild joints.

Growing the Michigan Organ Donor Registry

Gift of Life Michigan works in partnership with the Michigan Secretary of State and Donate Life America to maintain the Michigan Organ Donor Registry and encourage new people to join.

There are roughly 2,500 Michigan residents waiting for a transplant, but some areas of the state have a relatively low number of registered donors. People who are interested in someday becoming an organ and tissue donor can easily sign up to join this confidential database in less than two minutes.

Outreach and Education

Gift of Life Michigan’s volunteers and staff work to educate others about organ, tissue, and eye donation through a number of community events and programs, including:

All of Us: is a free high school program that provides educational materials to high school students across the state. These materials can be shipped or accessed electronically.

The HOSA Challenge is another program aimed at high school students. In this program, high school HOSA chapters compete in a three week competition to see which one can add the most names to the Michigan Donor Registry or raise awareness around the importance of organ, tissue, and eye donation.

Additionally, Gift of Life Michigan provides necessary materials related to organ, tissue, and eye donation to driver education schools in Michigan as part of their Segment 2 requirements.

Gift of Life Michigan
3861 Research Park Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Phone (general) – 866-500-5801
Phone (donor referral) – 800-482-4881
Email –
Website –

For more information on Gift of Life Michigan and organ donation, visit

Those interested in joining the Michigan Organ Donor Registry can sign up in less than two
minutes at

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