Golf Lessons for Kids – Metro Detroit

Golf Lessons for Kids – Metro Detroit – Lock Golf Academy provides affordable golf lessons for kids in Metro Detroit MI as well as professional golf instruction for adults. Lock Golf Academy golf instruction is taught at Cattails Golf Club in South Lyon, MI.

Lock Golf Academy of Oakland County offers private lessons and group instruction for kids and adults. For private golf lessons, you can pay by the 1/2 hour or 1 hour session or save money by purchasing packages in increments of four lessons, six lessons or ten lessons.

Lock Golf Academy teaches adult and child beginners with little or no experience. If private lessons are intimidating, Lock provides golf classes for beginners where you can learn golf fundamentals in small-sized classes of 4-8 students. Lock has FUNdamentals golf programs for adults and for kids ages 7-15.

You can also choose to customize your own golf lessons at Lock Golf Academy with individual playing lessons. Individual playing golf lessons allow “tee to green” hands-on instruction and advice as you play a round.

Dan Lock of Lock Golf Academy provided lessons to my son Jayson a few years ago for me to review and my son had a tremendous experience. With Lock Golf Academy golf lessons for kids, it was quickly apparent that Dan worked well with kids of all ages. He was kind, patient, guiding and professional. He would correct when needed, but also compliment when deserving.

I also appreciated Dan’s method of providing visual examples to help kids understand golf fundamentals. For example, Dan was explaining how Jayson should place his right thumb on the club and he told him to point it to 10 o’clock. Rather than just saying do it this way, he gave Jayson something easy to remember. Another easy visual was to use golf clubs placed on the grass to show how to stand parallel and be facing the right direction for your target. And yet another was his comparison of the Earth to the golf ball – both have an equator, and with the golf ball, you want to get your club below the equator when hitting the ball. All of these examples help the kids understand, as well as remember.

The video below shows a portion of the golf lessons for kids Lock Golf Academy in South Lyon provides and how Dan instructs. Jayson still plays golf and uses all of the proper techniques that he learned from Lock Golf Academy at the driving range.

If you’re looking for golf lessons for kids in Oakland County Michigan, I highly recommend Lock Golf Academy. Dan does a terrific job!

Lock Golf Academy Golf Lessons
phone: Dan Lock 248-444-1855

Cattails Golf Club
57737 9 Mile Rd
South Lyon, MI 48178

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