Google Santa Tracker 2018

Google Santa Tracker 2018 – Google Santa Tracker returns for its 14th fun-filled holiday season with a few new tweaks! Fans of the interactive Santa Tracker Village will instantly notice some differences from last year’s village. Gone is the vast horizontal side-scrolling from village destination to destination from years ago, now the formal scrolls top to bottom. The airport is now gone, but there are more buses. There also isn’t even a Christmas countdown clock at the top of the page any more. While it looks more stream-lined without the countdown, I’ll prefer the clock.

Per usual, there’s plenty to click-on and interact with in this modern-day Christmas Countdown calendar.


Google Santa Tracker 2018

Google Santa Tracker 2018 – Not to be outdone by Norad Santa, Google has launched it’s own Santa Claus website – Google Santa Tracker. Google’s Santa Tracker website goes far and beyond the capabilities of Norad Santa (and most every Christmas-theme website for that matter). Google Santa Tracker is a full interactive experience for kids. There is so much to explore!

In addition to the tweaks mentioned above, the biggest new facet of Google Santa Tracker for this year seems to be…. ALL the features are unlocked on Day 1 instead of having to wait each to day for a new discovery. I’m not a big fan of this change, part of the fun was checking out Santa Tracker each day to see what was new. You know, like an actual old-school Christmas Advent calendar. As stated earlier, the countdown clock being removed makes it a little less festive too.

Despite the name, Google Santa Tracker is far more than following Santa sleigh on Santa’s Christmas Eve journey. Google Santa is a full Christmas village with many games and experiences to discover.

Google Santa Tracker 2018 Features

Day 1 – Code Lab – Game – Use coding to move an elf in a maze. Easy and Fun!
Day 1 – Holiday Traditions – Educational – Click points on the map to learn how Christmas is celebrated throughout the world
Day 1 – Wrap Battle – Game – Coordinate your own hip hop elf rap battle using the arrow keys!
Day 1 – Ad – A link to download the Android App!! Boo!
Day 2 – Code your Own Snowflake – Game – Put the pieces together on how you want your snowflake to look
Day 3 – Translations – Educational – learn how to say Christmas words and phrases in other languages
Day 4 – A Day at the Museum – Movie – Decent animated short featuring Santa & Elfs at a Christmas museum but games are more fun!
Day 5 – Santa’s Canvas – Educational – Draw pictures using a VERY creative and fun template.
Day 6 – Code Boogie – Game – Pick a stage and program some sweet dance moves for the elves!
Day 7 – Present Bounce – Game – MY FAVORITE! Bounce the presents into the pot using springs and treadmills you arrange on the screen
Day 8 – Penguin Dash – Game – Another addicting game. Use the arrow keys to slide the slippery penguin to the checkpoints
Day 9 – Season of Giving – Sharing – Color an ornament for your favorite charity
Day 10 – Gumball Tilt – Game – Use the arrow keys to guide the falling gumballs to a candy dish. Very addictive!
Day 11 – Elf Jamband – Game – Move the elf musicians around to create you’re own jammin’ sound!
Day 12 – Speed Sketch with Tensor the Robot – Educational – Draw pictures using a VERY creative and fun template. See if the robot can figure out what you’re drawing. VERY FUN! It’s like Win, Lose or Draw against a computer.
Day 13 – Santa Selfie – Game – Give Santa a makeover in a barber chair. Even color or shave his beard!
Day 14 – Santa Search – Game – Find Santa Claus “Where’s Waldo” style
Day 15 – Carpool – Video – Short movie of elfs driving around Google Santa Tracker village
Day 16 – Elf Ski – Game – Use your mouse to guide the skiing elf down the mountain to gather presents – but watch out for trees!
Day 17 – Gift Slingshot – Game – Using the space bar and arrow keys to slingshot the presents onto Santa’s duck boats without hitting the icebergs. An oldie but a goodie.
Day 18 – Elf Jetpack – Game – Use the arrow keys to launch an elf into the stratosphere via jetpack to pick up points & presents.
Day 19 – Reindeer Runner – Game – Have the reindeer jump and duck to avoid obstacles while collecting presents
Day 20 – Map Quiz – Educational – Map quiz about Santa’s Christmas Eve destinations. Drag and drop the map pieces
Day 21 – Snowball Storm – Game – Hilarious! Use your mouse to guide an elf around a mountainside. Look for other elves to bean with snowballs
Day 22 – Present Drop – Game – Use the arrow keys and spacebar to move the elves into perfect position to drop presents in the chimneys below
Day 23 – Santa’s Takeoff – Movie – Animated movie about Santa getting ready for his trip
Day 24 – Track Santa all night!

Google Santa Tracker obviously isn’t designed to be an educational mecca for children. The website is fantastic though. Think of the Google Santa Tracker website as an cyber Christmas Village. Or, if you’re old-school, those old-fashioned Hallmark Christmas houses where you reveal a new window each day leading up to Christmas. The games, trailers and other new daily facets aren’t vastly entertaining on their own (most are just sensory knick-knacks) but the sum of the parts is visually incredible. Visiting the website each day until Christmas will give your child another reason to get excited about the holiday season. Make sure you explore extensively as there are many neat facets you don’t think you can click, but you can.

You can also purchase the Google Santa Tracker App.

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