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GTC Gymnastics Training Center

GTC Gymnastics Training Center Review – review of GTC Gymnastics Training Center gymnastics programs on Northfield Dr in Rochester Hills MI.

Growing up, I always wanted to take gymnastics classes but my mom had “better” ideas – dance, Brownies, etc. I felt like I missed out on something I really wanted to do, so when my daughter begged to take gymnastics, I really wanted to see her have a chance at it.


After working on whatever skills we could do on our own at home (I figured she was getting a late start and it would be helpful for her to go in with some basic skills), we enrolled her in a program at Gymnastics Training Center (GTC) in Rochester Hills. Here is our review of GTC.


We started off with the Basic level, however, they moved her up immediately after assessing that she already had the basic skills. This move had her a bit stunned at first at how challenging it was. But she loved it so much, she stuck with it and continued to learn and adapt.

She’s now in the intermediate level and nearing the Advanced gymnastics level. I’ve been impressed by the conditioning Gymnastics Training Center (GTC) in Rochester Hills instills at the start of each class. Within her hour and 25 minute session, the first half hour alone is dedicated to conditioning. I’ve seen how this has improved her overall strength and this is so necessary to achieve the gymnastics skills and prevent injuries.

Each session at GTC includes all skills and apparatus – bars, floor, beams… My daughter loves this because she knows she’s getting the full variety every week and she doesn’t have to wait to do certain things from week to week.

The staff is great about safety and spotting. I feel comfortable with my daughter trying new gymnastics skills in this environment. She feels safe as well, which is helping to give her the confidence she needs to try the more difficult skills.

The Training Center facility itself has three separate rooms. One is for boys, another is for the more advanced levels and teams, and the third is for the younger gymnasts and intermediate levels. Each room is fully equipped, but only the large team/advanced area is air conditioned. Viewing areas so parents can watch are available in the boy’s area and in the basic level gym, but not in the advanced area.

Pricing at GTC is competitive with other gymnastics centers. Billing is done monthly, and there’s an annual fee. Open gym times and summer camps are also offered.

Gymnastics Training Center
1813 Northfield Dr
Rochester Hills, MI 48309

GTC Gymnastics Training Center Review

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