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i9 Sports Summer Leagues 2024

i9 Sports Summer Leagues – Oakland County – i9 Sports of Oakland County, Michigan offers summer youth sports leagues and programs for boys and girls ages 3-13. i9 Summer sports leagues and programs begin just after school lets out for summer vacation and run all the way through late August.

i9 Sports of Oakland County features summer leagues in programs in flag football, soccer, basketball, T-ball and lacrosse.

i9 Sports Summer Leagues Coupon – Mention the Oakland County Moms website upon registration and save an extra $15 off any youth sports program for the Rochester Hills chapter of i9 Sports! This offer is good for any i9 Sports registration. If registering for i9 Sports sports programs online, simply use the promo code MOMS2024 at checkout.

A Multi Child Discount of $10 is automatically applied for additional children after initial registration in the same season.

i9 Sports Summer Leagues 2024

Rochester Hills i9 Sports Summer Leagues

  • Basketball (Indoor) – Kids Ages 4-13 – Mondays
  • T-ball/Coach Pitch – Kids Ages 3-6 – Wednesdays
  • Flag-Football – Kids Ages 4-10 – Wednesdays
  • Lacrosse – Kids Ages 7-14 – Wednesdays
  • Soccer – Kids Ages 3-10 – Wednesdays

Royal Oak i9 Sports Summer Leagues 

  • T-ball/Coach Pitch – Kids Ages 3-9 – Mondays
  • Flag-Football – Kids Ages 4-10 – Mondays
  • Soccer – Kids Ages 3-10 – Mondays

Lake Orion / Oxford i9 Sports Summer Leagues 

  • T-ball/Coach Pitch – For Kids Ages 3-9 – Thursdays
  • Flag-Football – For Kids Ages 4-13 – Thursdays
  • Soccer – For Kids Ages 3-10 – Thursdays

West Bloomfield i9 Sports Summer Leagues 

  • T-ball/Coach Pitch – For Kids Ages 3-9 – Tuesdays
  • Flag-Football – For Kids Ages 4-10 – Tuesdays
  • Soccer – For Kids Ages 3-10 – Tuesdays

Shelby Township i9 Sports Summer Leagues 

  • T-ball/Coach Pitch – Kids Ages 3-9 –Tuesdays
  • Flag Football – Kids Ages 4-13 – Tuesdays
  • Soccer – Kids Ages 3-13 – Tuesdays
  • Lacrosse – Kids Ages 7-14 – Tuesdays

Chesterfield i9 Sports Summer Leagues 

  • T-ball/Coach Pitch – For Kids Ages 3-6 –Thursdays
  • Flag-Football – For Kids Ages 4-10 – Thursdays
  • Soccer – For Kids Ages 3-10 – Thursdays

Clarkston i9 Sports Summer Leagues

  • T-ball/Coach Pitch – For Kids Ages 3-9 –Wednesdays
  • Flag-Football – Kids Ages 4-10 – Wednesdays
  • Soccer – Kids Ages 3-10 – Wednesdays

i9 Summer Sports Leagues Descriptions
i9 Sports Summer Flag Football League
Offering all the fun of tackle football without the same risk of injury, flag football is rapidly becoming the youth sport of choice among parents who question whether kids should play tackle football. Patterned after regular football, teams run or pass the ball down field in order to score a touchdown. The primary difference in flag football is that it is a “no contact” game. Instead of tackling the ball carrier, defensive players try to pull the flags off the ball carrier’s belt. It’s the perfect game for boys or girls ages 4 and up.

i9 Sports Soccer Leagues
In a recent study by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA), soccer was cited as the second most popular sport for boys and girls under the age of 13. Kids in the soccer programs learn the fundamentals of the game, how to dribble the ball with their feet, good defense and offense, and the value of teamwork, in a safe, “no contact” sport. While soccer is a great fit for all ages, it’s also a wonderful “starter” sport for kids as young as 3 years old to introduce him/her to team play!

i9 Sports Basketball Leagues
Nationally, basketball is one of the most popular team sports for girls and boys. It’s a great sport to expand your child’s coordination and self-esteem. i9 Sports basketball programs are designed to help kids learn the basics of dribbling, passing, and shooting the ball, all while learning what it means to be part of a team. For most kids, the ideal age to start basketball is between the ages of 4-5.

i9 Sports Leagues
In 2012, i9 Sports launched T-ball nationally to the roaring applause of parents with kids ages 3-6. i9’s baseball program teaches kids the basic fundamentals of how to catch, throw, hit, run, and be “baseball ready” in a fun, safe, real-game setting. A limited number of i9 locations offer baseball programs for kids over age 6.

i9 Sports Lacrosse Leagues
Lacrosse is an up-and-coming sport around the nation that has gained tremendous popularity over the past decade. Despite the increase in popularity, many kids are not able to participate in the sport before the high school level. i9 Sports’ instructional program is perfect for lacrosse players of all ages and experience who will be taught the basics of lacrosse as well have some real game/scrimmage play. i9 experienced lacrosse instructors will break the players up by age group, experience, and requests, and then work on specific skills each week through a series of fun and instructional “mini games.”

About i9 Programs

  • Practice – i9 encourages no more than one (1) practice per week, and for that practice to be held a half hour prior to the game, thus making it a once per week commitment for kids, parents, and coaches.
  • Equipment – The league provides each player with an official i9 Sports Basketball reversible jersey that your kids get to keep (the kids love the reversible jersey). Players may wear shorts or sweats of any type, as long as they do not have pockets or belt loops. Appropriate footwear includes tennis/athletic shoes with rubber soles.
  • Awards – Each week one kid from each team will be awarded an i9 Sportsmanship Medal for demonstrating the value for that week. All kids will receive a personalized i9 Participation trophy!
  • Coaches & Referees – All coaches, usually a volunteer parent of a child playing on the team, will receive mandatory certified background checks. Please consider volunteering! Coaches will find the experience personally rewarding. All referees are trained to ensure the highest level of professionalism during all games.

alti9 Sports of East and West Oakland County
Chris Novak – Owner/Area Developer i9 Sports® – East Oakland County
Location – 1837 Flagstone Circle, Rochester, MI 48307
Office Phone – 248-632-6166
Website –
Email –


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