Kapersky Parental Control App Review

Kapersky Parental Control App Review – review of the Kapersky App, a parental control app that prevents unwanted downloads of apps to tablets and smart phones. The Kapersky app requires parents to input a code every time someone tries to download an app.

Having a tablet for your child can be a nice break for long car rides and a nice learning tool. But, there is plenty of opportunity for a child to either deliberately, or accidentally come across one of the numerous inappropriate websites and/or apps available at their fingertips.

This was a big concern for us when we first purchased a tablet for our kids this. We vowed to only do this if we could find a way to protect them from inappropriate content. We researched our options and eventually found a Kapersky Parental Control app that requires a parent to input a code every time someone tries to download an app or access a new website. The app also does a great job at filtering inappropriate content.

Not only are there the inappropriate content concerns for children using and purchasing apps for their tablet, there is also the expensive problem of kids downloading tons of apps that may not be free and seeing parents stuck with hefty monthly bills for apps they had no idea their child downloaded.

I know it can be frustrating for my kids who see nothing wrong with downloading a fun app like Angry Birds or Jetpack Joyride, but I really appreciate being able to see every app before it’s downloaded. Like I said, there are many ways they can accidentally come across something inappropriate, especially when googling for a website.

The Kapersky Parental Control app or Kapersky Pure app is free and basically pops up at each download. My kids bring me their tablet and tell me about the app they are looking to download, or the website they are trying to access. Once I learn more and decide if I want to accept their request, I type in my numeric password and hit accept.

In addition to being able to limit which apps are sought and downloaded, The Kapersky Pure app also has parental control features you can set to limit the amount of time a child spends each day on a tablet or other mobile device. Think of it as a tablet usage allowance.

I’m sure there are plenty of apps like this one so it’s all about trying some out and finding out which parental control app works best for you. So far the Kapersky Pure parental control app has proven to be easy to set up and has many excellent features.

I hope this Kapersky Parental Control app review helpful.

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