Kwong Tung Palace Shelby Twp Review

Kwong Tung Palace Shelby Twp Review and menu info. Kwong Tung Palace (or Kwong Tung Chop Suey) located at the SE corner of 23 Mile and Van Dyke in Shelby Township MI serves up some of the best Chinese food in Macomb County.

It’s hard to find quality Chinese food, especially if you’re looking at the middle of the road restaurants rather than the high-end chains (there’s no denying P.F. Chang’s is great). Many times, the food at these middle of the road Chinese take out restaurants tastes good, but there’s just something that could be better. The white rice could be fluffier, or the food tastes reheated, etc.

At Kwong Tung, you’ll find an independent Chinese restaurant that serves their food made to order. The food will be piping hot and fresh. Kwong Tung even makes their own egg rolls and they are the best egg rolls I have ever had. My husband grew up in the area so his family went to Kwong Tung all the time. (He even worked there as his first job when he was just 15 years old). To this day, he’s greatly disappointed in the egg rolls from every other Chinese restaurant.

There’s also something about their low mein that has it standing out from the rest. My staple order at Chinese restaurants used to be Almond Boneless Chicken. One day my mother-in-law convinced me to try the low mein at Kwong Tung. I was very impressed and thought I found my new “go-to” dish. However, every time I would order low mein at any other Chinese restaurant, I just didn’t like it.

The same goes for their dinner rolls. I’m not a bread person, but my husband and kids could make a meal out of the Kwong Tung dinner rolls. They’re big, soft, doughy goodness and the best you’ll find.

You can eat in or take out at Kwong Tung Palace. If we get Chinese food, we always go the take out route, except for Kwong Tung. Since I enjoy the food so much, I like to dine in and enjoy the whole experience with the won ton soup and a nice pot of tea. Yes, the decor screams of the 1970’s with vinyl orange booths, but I love it. It’s usually pretty quiet in there (even with a few tables full) and my husband and I find that it’s the only place we can go to on a Friday or Saturday night where we don’t have to wait, and we can have a quiet dinner where we can hear ourselves when we talk.

You’ll notice that I don’t do many Chinese restaurant reviews… it’s mostly because we don’t go to other Chinese restaurants any more. We tried to hit some of the closer ones, but now we find ourselves passing 3-4 ones that are close by as we drive the distance to go to Kwong Tung. If I were to review the others, it would be a repetitive report of C- food, and ‘doesn’t compare to Kwong Tung.’ The Kwong Tung Palace Shelby Twp food is very affordably priced.

Kwong Tung Palace is way past its hey day as a trendy, modern restaurant (at least as far as the decor). It has been virtually swallowed up by the growth of chain restaurants in the area. Still, Kwong Tung Palace Shelby Twp serves the best Chinese food in the area. Not the best place to go for a date night but amazing food that you can’t quite get anywhere else.


Kwong Tung is family owned and has been around for over 42 years. The family and staff are friendly and always offer up the best customer service. So, as other places come and go, we’re hoping this one is here for a long time to come.

Kwong Tung Palace Shelby Twp
8160 23 Mile Rd
Shelby Twp MI 48316
Phone – 586-739-1511

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For more info on Kwong Tung Palace Shelby Twp, call them at 586-739-1511

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