Lay’s Stax Potato Chips Vs Pringles

Lay’s Stax Potato Chips Vs Pringles – review and comparison of Lay’s Stax Potato Chips to Pringles potato crisps in terms of taste, texture, quality, ingredients and price.

Pringles has gone unchallenged in the potato crisps market for decades. Lay’s has come out with their own version of Pringles potato chips – Lay’s Stax. So, how does Lay’s Stax stack up?


Lay’s Stax are only slight different from Pringles. They’re a bit thicker and heartier than Pringles potato crisps. Also slightly different is the shape of the chips. Lay’s Stax are less concave than the thin and whispy Pringles. This means the ever-famous and fun “inverted pringles to make a duck’s bill to put into your lips” isn’t possible – drat! The Stax container is a little better suited for snacking. The famous Pringles can has it’s difficulties because the can is so long and narrow – it’s too hard to get the chips at the bottom of the can! Not so with Lay’s Stax. It’s a lot easier to get those out of the neat container.

My family is split on if Lay’s Stax are better than Pringles. I prefer the heartier, crunchier texture of the Lay’s Stax while my husband prefers the lighter Pringles chips. My kids were a little bummed they couldn’t do their “duck bills” with the Stax. Both taste great. If you want more crunch, go with the Stax.

Pringles cost $1.50 for a 5.2 oz can
Lay’s Stax cost $1.32 for a 5.5 oz can

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