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M-STEP Changes for 2016

M-STEP Changes for 2016 – The Michigan Department of Education has announced changes to the M-STEP, the often criticized Michigan standardized testing procedure that replaced MEAP standardized testing in 2014. This article will include a list of M-STEP changes for 2016 you can expect before testing begins next month.

M-STEP has been greatly criticized since it’s hasty conception in 2014. Critics have slammed that the tests were put together in far less time than it usually takes standardized tests of this nature to prepare. Questions have also been raised in terms of how much M-STEP will feature Common Core & other standards implemented throughout the school systems in our state. Confusion as to cut scores and questions about what to even compare M-STEP scores to as a pilot study have also been raised. Another major qualm has been the length of testing time needed to complete and how the length may actually hinder or interupt the teachers lesson planning.

The Michigan Department of Education has surveyed teachers, parents, administrators, and students for feedback and for recommended M-STEP Changes for 2016. Most of the M-STEP changes have great deal to do with the time it takes to complete all phases. I’m certain these M-STEP changes for 2016 will be welcome but will do little to silence the critics of controversial program.

M-STEP Changes for 2016 (per Michigan Department of Education)

  • For students in grades 3, 4, 6, and 7, the performance tasks for Language Arts have been eliminated, thus reducing the testing times by two hours.
  • The two “classroom activity” sessions that were required for all grades just prior to test sessions have been eliminated, therefore reducing the total testing time by one hour.
  • A computer-adaptive format was established for the Language Arts and Math portions of the test, where, if a student gets a question right, the system challenges the student with a higher level question. Likewise, if a student misses a series of questions, the test will adapt to the level of student ability. Last year, all students had the same questions.
  • Test sessions may now be paused and completed on another day.
  • Students in 11th grade are no longer required to take the Language Arts and Math portions of the M-STEP. Since the SAT is aligned with the state standards, the State uses those scores for assessment purposes.
  • In lieu of M-STEP, all 9th and 10th graders will take the state-mandated PSAT. The PSAT is the preparatory test for the SAT–the state-mandated college admissions exam required in 11th grade.

For more on M-STEP Changes for 2016, visit the M-STEP MDE website page.

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