Michigan Homeschool Resources

Michigan Homeschool Resources to help parents who have decided to homeschool. Michigan is a very “homeschool friendly” state and the state recognizes that the education of a child is up to that child’s parents.The decision to homeschool is hard enough. The “now what?” question/reality can be daunting. Many parents that initially decide to homeschool feel left on an island in terms of how to go about strategizing a plan.

Michigan Homeschool Resources – Online

Try homeschooling resources online in Yahoo Groups. Simply do a search of “Michigan Homeschool” or “homeschooling resources” and you’re well on your way. Simply join any/all of these groups and you can ask questions or connect with other homeschoolers in your area. One of the most common apprehensions for homeschool parents is that they must be an expert at everything they teach. That’s where these groups come into play. Not an expert on Biology? Relax, someone in these groups will be and many in these groups can offer specializations on a variety of courses. Sites like mihomeschoolconnections.com can provide classes, courses and field trips (but you’ll have to pay).

Michigan Homeschool Resources – Libraries

Many Oakland County libraries, Orion Twp Public Library for one, reach out directly to homeschool parents and should be the first choice for finding curriculum ideas to get started. The library should be thought of as going far beyond “just books”. Local librarians are trained to suggest books, educational planning and offer ideas for craft projects. Local libraries have dedicated programs to suggest. AWE Literacy computers are loaded with educational games and most libraries offer access to their die-cut machines and paper cutters for crafts. Most local libraries offer free reading and learning programs regularly throughout the year. Don’t just wander around the library looking for books. Ask a professional.


Michigan Homeschool Resources – Book Stores

Local book stores are another obvious, yet overlooked, option for homeschool parents. Many of the workbooks for homeschool students are extremely valuable and very inexpensive. Barnes and Noble offers workbooks for kids of all ages. I’ve purchased some to help my kids through the summer months to avoid summer brain drain and they’re quite helpful.

Michigan Homeschool Resources – Parks and Recreation

Some Parks and Recreation departments throughout communities in SE Michigan provide specific programs for homeschool kids. Check out Farmington Hills Homeschool Nature Programs at the Heritage Park Nature Center. Speaking of parks, the Metroparks and their nature centers are teaming with homeschool parents using their facilities for teaching.

Michigan Homeschool Resources – The Minds of Children

Children themselves are the greatest source of information on what should be taught. Homeschooling allows you to hone in on the natural curiosities of children when putting together a plan. If your child has a natural leaning toward a subject, you’re allowed to choose a direction of learning that goes far beyond what could be taught in a normal school setting.

For more info on Michigan homeschool resources, visit your local library.

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