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Oakland County Moms Test Drive New McDonald’s Happy Meals

Oakland County Moms invited 48 OCM readers to a McDonald’s Happy Meals Party to review the new McDonald’s Happy Meals, now with healthier meal options.

A total of forty-eight Oakland County Moms readers (13 moms and 35 kids) attended a Happy Meal party recently to try the new McDonald’s Happy Meals, as well as a couple of healthy menu options at McDonald’s. Read more about the McDonald’s Happy Meal changes in related articles below.

There was a lot of reviews and positive feedback from the moms and kids after trialing the new foods.

McDonald’s has made the change to put apple slices in every happy meal. Also being offered are more flavors to the Smoothies line, and an oatmeal option that is served all day long.

The new McDonald’s Happy Meals change had the moms quite happy. They were content with the smaller sized fries to complement the addition of the apple wedges. And, there were no kids complaining about any missing fries. Michelle C. of Rochester Hills said, “I think the new Happy Meal is excellent. I like that they incorporate apples into the Happy Meal.”

There was a 100% consensus that the Smoothies were awesome. One Rochester mom, Nicky F., commented “I love the Smoothies at McDonald’s. They taste exactly how I would make them at home. They’re fantastic.” When I further asked her if she wasalt happy with the health initiatives taken by McDonald’s and were her kids happy with it, she added “It does make a difference and the kids don’t even notice it. They liked it.”

I was informed by a McDonald’s rep that the Smoothies are made with real fruit and a low-fat yogurt. And, they can accommodate those with dairy intolerances/allergies/sensitivities by making the Smoothies without the yogurt. All the machines are managed to prevent cross-contamination as well.

Finally, the moms and kids also had the opportunity to trial the oatmeal. The oatmeal is sweetened with a bit of brown sugar and cream, and topped with fresh fruit. Served as is, it has 290 calories. To reduce the caloric intake, you can request no cream and no brown sugar to be added. One mom, Ann W., mentioned that she probably would never have tried the oatmeal before. But, now that she has had the chance to sample it, she likes it and looks forward to enjoying some on her next visit.

altI learned about the foods that go into the McDonald’s menu. McDonald’s uses the freshest ingredients and local goods as well. For example, the eggs used in the egg McMuffins are from Michigan. I was happy to see that the display of the ingredients that go into the foods included items such as carrots, tomatoes, raspberries, blueberries, and more.

Overall, everyone was happy with the new McDonald’s Happy Meals changes and additions. Kudo’s to McDonald’s for caring and I look forward to future healthy menu options.

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