Oakland County Parks Seeks Waterford Oaks Waterpark Input

Officials at Oakland County Parks are looking for opinions from park users as to how the Waterford Oaks Waterpark (and its location) should be managed.

The waterpark has become a bit of a dinosaur. It debuted more than 40 years ago and is home to one of the nation’s first wave pools. I’m dating myself a bit by saying the wave pool (and the great waterslide) was a HUGE deal when it first opened and people from miles around flocked to the park. Waterparks are extremely expensive to maintain and many residents (including yours truly) has noticed the disappearance of waterslides, low-attendance, and overall decline of the facility. The waterpark didn’t even open for the 2021 season due to staff shortages and declining attendance from previous years.

Oakland County Parks is starting to ponder the future of Waterford Oaks Waterpark and what to do. Fortunately, they’re asking for input via THIS SIMPLE SURVEY.

The survey is only 9 questions and a number of questions relate to the importance of the features of a successful waterpark and what visitors would enjoy. This is refreshing as initially I was worried the questions were going to be more of a “we’re closing the waterpark for good, what’s a cheap thing you’d like to see there in the future?” variety. I’m glad park officials are looking into a “revision” of the waterpark and not just close it down.

Here’s a statement from Oakland County Parks regarding Waterford Oaks (and Waterford Oaks Waterpark)

In order to be fiscally responsible, while providing new, fun and exciting services to our Oakland County residents, Oakland County Parks and Recreation is looking to re-vision the waterpark area of the park. This could be reinvestment into new waterpark features or creating a new recreational opportunity in its place. The goal will be to create a sustainable, family-friendly, unique and engaging outdoor area that Oakland County families can continue to enjoy, while making new memories that will last a lifetime.

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What should happen to Waterford Oaks Waterpark?

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