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Oakland University Indoor Athletic Dome – Review and Pics

Oakland University and Total Sports Partner to Open Indoor Athletic Dome. Review and pics of Oakland University Indoor Athletic Dome.

Oakland University and Total Sports have partnered to enhance sports in our community to a whole new level. They have uniquely and successfully partnered a public entity (OU) and the private sector (Total Sports) in a win-win situation that revolves around a newly constructed sports facility at OU. Oakland University has built a 108,000 sq. ft. athletic dome that houses OU’s varsity athletes during the day, and doubles in the evenings and weekends as a sports facility, rented out by Total Sports.


The new athletic dome at Oakland University is open year-round, allowing for the student athletes at Oakland University to be flexible with their course schedule and training schedule, and ultimately giving them the opportunity to excel academically and in their sport. Additionally, the athletic dome opens up more programs with this location for the local youth sports and community to use throughout the year.

This collaboration between OU and Total Sports has yielded an effective recruiting tool for the University. As more and more families visit the campus to attend sporting events at the new athletic dome, they will see all that OU has to offer. It is anticipated that Total Sports will bring 250,000-300,000 people to the dome on an annual basis. Families will be coming from near and far (travel teams), which expands the recruiting opportunities for OU. This indoor dome is an attraction for prospecting student athletes as well. It’s a definite “pro” when weighing options.

The new athletic dome is also a huge win for Total Sports. This indoor dome gives Total Sports the opportunity to extend their Total Sports reach to a broader region, and offer the community and local youth sports programs a large, highly functional indoor athletic facility. They lease it out to their partners… i.e. teams, coaches, etc. for the evenings and weekends. Sports activities that will be played in the Oakland University indoor athletic dome include soccer, Lacrosse, baseball, softball, training… all the field sports currently offered by Total Sports. This a great growth opportunity for Total Sports. They’ve already started booking times.

Total Sports has been working with Oakland University on several efforts for many years now, and they’ve built a solid relationship over the years. This new athletic dome should prove to be a prime example of what this partnership can do.

Oakland University Indoor Athletic Dome
2200 N. Squirrel Road (eastern-most dead-end of Pioneer Drive)
Rochester, MI

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