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Paas Color Cups Review – Pics

Review, pics, and instructions for Paas Color Cups Easter Eggs coloring kit. I purchased my kit for this review for $1.50 (on sale) from Meijer. Each Paas Color Cups Easter Egg coloring kit contains 5 color cups (pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue), 5 color tablets that correspond to the color of cups, 1 wire egg dipper, and 1 “magic” crayon. Per usual, these dye kits require vinegar if you want great results. The same is true here… Fill each cup half with water, half with vinegar after you toss the color tablet in the cup. Instructions are incredibly easy… just fill the cups to the lines provided and start dipping.

Paas Color Cups Easter Eggs Coloring Kit Pics

Paas Color Cups is easily the easiest Easter Egg coloring kit I’ve ever used. It comes with one colored bowl for each dye color. Simply dissolve the tabs and dip the eggs in the color bath to dye the eggs or use the dipper to dip half the egg. You can use the “magic crayon” to decorate the egg invisibly before you dye the egg so when you dip it into colors, your design magically appears. It’s kind of difficult to get too artsy with a wax crayon and is pretty useless. Thankfully the quality of the colors more than makes up for crayon gimmick. It’s still a nice feature to have if your kids want to label their eggs.

Paas Color Cups dye works extremely well. Very true colors. Nice solid look, nothing blotchy or smeared. It also stays on the egg shell when peeling the eggs…no dye on the finger tips and no dye that bleeds through the shell and ends up on your hard boiled egg!

The only negative to the Paas Color Cups Easter Egg dye kit is the lack of a egg drying rack. The usual Easter Egg dye kits from Paas or RJ Rabbit have neat stand built into the cardboard package, that’s not the case with Color Cups. You may need to head to the dollar store to pick one up, you’re going to need some sort of an egg stand for this kit.

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