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POSH Mommy Jewelry review and info of the jewelry line made just for families. My husband gifted me with a necklace that had my kids names engraved on it. He purchased it at a jeweler in downtown Rochester, and I’m pretty certain it’s actually a POSH Mommy piece. It’s a loop with my children’s names on it and I wear it on a cord necklace. I love the necklace and always feel like my kids are with me when I’m wearing it. So, when I’m missing my son who is off at college, I wear the necklace and am comforted and feel like he’s near and close to my heart.

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At POSH Mommy jewelry, there are several varieties of this type of jewelry so just about everyone can find something they will love and cherish. There is so much to pick from!

POSH Mommy lays out its jewelry collection by category – for moms, for dads, for kids, by birthstone, religious, and by style. The basic concept is that you can get your children’s names engraved onto a loop, heart charm, bar, disc, tag, ring, etc. Some of the most unique pieces I see at POSH Mommy jewelry is how they use a child’s handwriting to engrave his/her name onto the jewelry, or even engraving a child’s thumbprint onto a heart that can be worn on a necklace.

POSH Mommy jewelry is made how you like it. You get to choose the metal – ranging from Sterling Silver to 10K or 14K real white, yellow, or rose gold. You choose the chain length and the metal finish on the rings. There are so many options and varieties – even diamonds!

The jewelry options for dad include engraved cufflinks, collar stays, rings, and dog tags. And, the kids collection offers jewelry with engraved charms so kids can wear pieces with their name or nickname on it.

POSH Mommy jewelry also offers gift options for graduates and service members.

POSH Mommy is perfect for great gift ideas, or if you’re just looking to treat yourself. You can view the entire collection HERE. I personally have my eye on the stackable rings :)



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