Should We Get Rid of Daylight Savings Time

Spring Forward, Fall Back… are you a fan of Daylight savings time? Should we get rid of Daylight savings time in Michigan? Daylight savings time (advancing clocks during summer months by one hour) was adopted in Michigan 46 years ago. It was initially proposed in 1895, and gained popularity as a concept years later as a way to save energy during World War I. However, there’s been debates that daylight saving time hasn’t produced the benefits anticipated (i.e. save energy) and we might be better off doing away with it all together since it isn’t worth the trouble it causes.


We’ve all seen what daylight saving can do… wake up late for work or school, reconfiguring the intricate nap and sleep schedule of a young baby, getting over the exhaustion immediately after the change until adjusted, etc. Everyone has their own stories…personally, our alarm clock is configured to automatically change the time for you for daylight saving time (no matter how hard I try to turn this feature off)… unfortunately, it does so at unexpected times leaving us to race to get the kids to school on time. And, one time we neglected to change the time in our car and got a call from the school asking if we were going to pick up the kids.

Two House Bills have been introduced in the past in Michigan to get rid of DST – House Bill 4342 and House Bill 4986. But any attempt to rearrange the state’s time schedules would of course encounter some adversity. The tourism industry and summer time businesses are concerned about losing an hour of light on summer evenings. Both of these bills lost but there are other states proposing similar bills to scrap the savings time concept. New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts are trying to opt out of Daylight Savings Time by instituting an Atlantic Standard Time. The bill is still gathering steam. Even President Trump tweeted that he’s not a fan of Daylight Savings Time and would ditch it if someone put the right bill in front of him for him to sign.

However, I’m sure the people of Michigan would not be opposed to moving in the opposite direction and using daylight savings time year-round, i.e. operating on Central time. Just so long as we can remain consistent with one time, year-round, rather than having a time change twice each year and causing unnecessary chaos.

What do you think? Are you tired of this outdated concept, or would you rather leave things status quo?

Should We Get Rid of Daylight Savings Time Article Source – M-Live.

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