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Skinny Tees Clothing Review

Skinny Tees Clothing Review – review of Skinny Tees, a clothing line for women that designs stylish, comfortable tanks, tees, tops, skirts, dresses, and more.

I received an email from a Michigan brand, Skinny Tees. A mom in Michigan had initially developed Skinny Tees with just a handful of colors and one simple, one-size-fits-all style, and has now grown Skinny Tees to over 60 colors and over 20 different body styles including tanks, tees, tops, skirts, dresses, bandeaus, tights and active wear.

I tried out the Skinny Tees camisoles and they stand out from the rest. (They’re even packaged for shipment adorably with care!) The super stretchy cotton material with no seams makes for a great fit that is completely comfortable. I feel slender and cozy in this snug camisole made of a silky smooth cotton. Most of all, it’s such a good fit that there is no “riding up” to the waist line with this body-fitting tee.

Comfortable, yet attractive, clothing becomes more and more important to me as I get older. One of my favorite pieces of clothing is a tank/camisole. I love the Skinny Tees cami and need it because of its versatility. In the winter, I frequently wear a tank under a baggy sweatshirt or sweater so I can have something close to my skin that keeps me warm. I also enjoy wearing a camisole under itchy shirts, at night as a comfy pj top, while working out, or during the summer as a top.

Although I have all these uses for a camisole, I had never really come across one that I really felt was more comfortable than the rest. In my case, a cami was a cami. Until now… The Skinny Tees material is fantastic. It has that Under Armour brand feel. I honestly think I like the feel of this shirt better than my husbands cozy Under Armour brand tees.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Skinny Tees line, you can visit the Skinny Tees website. I hope this Skinny Tees Clothing Review is helpful.

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