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Sloan Museum In the Dark Exhibit

Sloan Museum In the Dark Exhibit review, pics, and info – The Sloan Museum in Flint recently opened its latest exhibit – In the Dark. It runs through December 30, 2016.

In the Dark at Sloan Museum in Flint is filled with actitivities around the nature of The Dark—a place of mystery. The In the Dark exhibit shows how darkness has played a role in ecosystems like caves, the deep sea, the forest at night, and underneath the ground.

Sloan Museum In the Dark Exhibit Pics

The Sloan Museum is great with hands-on activities, and this holds true with the In the Dark exhibit. Guests can explore life-sized caves and learn about the natural processes that form each type of cave. You will see interactive elements that explain how animals adapt to the cave environment, such as the bat needing to rely on sounds to find their way through a cave.

Another interactive exhibit demonstrates the underground darkness within the soil, and what we do above ground and how it relates to the ecosystem underground. Visitors get a look at a typical backyard that shows moles, worms, slugs, and more!

Guests will also enjoy walking through the exhibit and experiencing scenarios themselves of being in the dark, e.g. a dark closet where you try to find the right sized peg to fit through the hole while everyone watches you on a tv screen outside that utilizes night vision; walking sticks for the blind that demonstrate how you can tell what surface you’re walking on by the sound of the walking stick hitting the ground, etc.

In the Dark features a total of four immersive zones. Each diorama uses mechanical displays, life-size animal models and informational panels to surround visitors with the sights, sounds, smells and sensations of several dark ecosystems. The In the Dark exhibit gives visitors a view into worlds that they will never see with their own eyes. We’ve learned a lot from the ecosystems and animals that exist in the dark. They have given us input on modern technology that allows humans to function in darkness.

Sloan Museum In the Dark Exhibit
open now through December 30, 2016

Sloan Museum is located on the Flint Cultural Center Campus
1221 E. Kearsley Street
Flint, Michigan 48503
Phone – 810-237-3450

Sloan Museum Hours
Monday thru Friday – 10a – 5p
Saturday and Sunday – noon – 5p

For more info on Sloan Museum In the Dark Exhibit, visit

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