Sloan Museum Flint

Sloan Museum Flint review, pics, hours, and info – Sloan Museum is located in Flint in the Flint Cultural Center which is a campus of art, culture, music and theatre centers.

The Sloan Museum is a square type structure with exhibits all throughout and enclosed courtyards in the center for weddings and campouts. The square layout makes it easy to walk through without missing a thing. The starting point is a travel exhibit that changes periodically and is highly interactive.

The remaining sights at the museum are a collection of Flint and Gennessee County history. I took my kids to the museum and it was a nice afternoon out. I enjoyed seeing all the old items such as a 1950’s toaster and blender, as well as the many occupational stories and inventions. I had fun pointing out to the kids what kind of bassinette a baby slept in back then. As we walked through we also saw the very first Chevette (its VIN is just the number 1), an old fire engine, Easy Bake Oven, a lawn mower, bikes, a miniature lumberjack display and so much more. The entire exhibit incorporated a Van Bolt Gallery, Collecting Flint from A to Z, Wisner’s Whizbang Emporium, Native Peoples, Lumber, Carriages, Farm Tools, Victorian, Auto Plants, Carriage to Cars, Sit-Down Strike, Wartime, Recent History, and a Museum Store located in the lobby.

Sloan Museum Flint Pics

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The Sloan Museum has been home to so many fabulous special exhibits since we’ve started working with them in 2015. New exhibits arrive twice yearly and usually go from late summer – January and then mid-January through June. Previous at the Sloan Museum include:┬áCurious George exhibit, VIDEOTOPIA Video Game exhibit, Scoop on Poop exhibit, License to Spy exhibit, Titanic exhibit, Bugs World exhibit, Clifford the Big Red Dog exhibit, and more!

Overall, Sloan Museum is a great 1-tank trip field trip destination and the trip there was only about 45 minutes from home. The Sloan Museum is a fun-filled experience that gives kids the chance to learn, explore and play.

Sloan Museum Flint Hours
Monday Through Saturday – 10a-5p
Sunday – Noon-5p

Sloan Museum Flint Admission Ticket Prices / Admission Prices
Adults – $5
Senios 60+ – $4
Youth (ages 2-11) – $3

Sloan Museum Flint MI
1221 E Kearsley Street
Flint, MI 48503


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