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Sylvania Solar Powered Christmas Lights Review

Sylvania Solar Powered Christmas Lights Review – review of solar powered LED Christmas Lights by Sylvania purchased at Home Depot.

Another strand of our Holiday lights bit the dust and I was looking for a replacement. I love the new LED Christmas lights that all of our neighbors were using. While they’re more expensive than standard Christmas lights, I like how much brighter they are.

I was doing some online shopping on Home Depot’s website and came across a green solution for Christmas lights. I bought a strand of eco-friendly, solar powered Sylvania LED lights and spent $21.98 for each strand of 100 lights. I actually spent less than that because of a Cyber-Monday deal but $21.98 is the regular price. I decided to review the Sylvania Solar Powered Christmas Lights.

The lights require zero electricity and are very easy to set up. Just jam the solar stake in the ground and let the lights charge up and they’re good to go. I did wonder what would happen if a 6 inch snowfall would bury the stake to the point I would have to clear off the solar collectors after any significant snow.

I was anxious to see if the light output would equal that of the bright, almost gaudy, glare that the conventional LED Christmas lights of my neighbors give off. When darkness fell, I had my answer. These lights work very well but do not give off the same brightness and color as the newer LED Christmas lights systems. I was disappointed. The Sylvania lights work fine, the brightness and color falls more inline than that of traditional, older Christmas lights.

If you’re looking to take a “green friendly” approach to holiday decorations and want to save on house wattage, these will fit the bill. If you’re looking for something Clark Griswold would be proud of in terms of Christmas decorations, I don’t think these are bright enough. My husband personally won’t be happy with our Christmas light display unless an airplane lands on our roof so I think we’re going to keep shopping for traditional, plug-in LED Christmas lights for next year. I hope this Sylvania Solar Powered Christmas Lights Review helps.

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