Taqueria El Michoacano Review

Taqueria El Michoacano Mexican Restaurant review, hours and menu info – Taqueria El Michoacano is located on Van Dyke north of 29 Mile Rd in Washington Twp MI. Taqueria El Michoacano is in a run down building that doesn’t look like much from the side of the road. I’m guessing it’s more of a destination trip, rather than seeing it while driving and thinking… let’s go there to eat! Taqueria El Michoacano may be a little rugged on the outside and not enough to impress a date on the inside, but it’s clean, and I like clean. If you’re looking for authentic Mexican food, look no further.

The Taqueria El Michoacano menu is written in Spanish, but it’s easy enough to figure out what you’re looking at if you’re familiar with Mexican food. The wait staff is also very helpful. Taqueria El Michoacano offers very traditional Mexican fare on the menu, including fajitas, flautas, enchiladas, chimichangas, quesadillas, burritos, tacos, etc… and they even have a Seafood section on the menu with some fun shrimp dishes and a fish fillet option. The food was fantastic. Before our food arrived, we also got to sample the salsas with some chips and all of them were great as well. They put squirt bottles of sauces at the table – one hot and one mild. Chips served with another salsa that is medium. The spicy is definitely spicy, but had great flavor that was not sacrificed by the spice. We found ourselves topping our entries with even more salsa because they were quite flavorful. I would suggest though that they give out larger sized baskets of chips and salsa bowls… they were more of a single serving size and we devoured it within a couple minutes!

I ordered the fajitas and they asked if I would like the spicy sauce added in. I opted for it and it was delicious. I got a mixture of shrimp and chicken. The shrimp were large, and the plate overall had loads of flavor on everything. My husband was also happy with his burrito and taco dish.

The bar at Taqueria El Michoacano Mexican restaurant is probably the worst bar ever if you wanted to sit at it… I’m guessing nobody does! Again, this is not your place to impress a date or even to go to if you’re leaning more toward the ambience being the focus of the night, but the food makes up for everything and makes for a great visit. I haven’t had Mexican food this authentic since Sante Fe in Auburn Hills closed.

Taqueria El Michoacano Mexican restaurant Hours
Monday – Closed
Tuesday through Saturday – 11a-9p
Sunday – 10:30a-5p

Taqueria El Michoacano Mexican Restaurant
Address – 64075 Van Dyke Rd, Washington, MI 48095
Phone – 586-752-5224

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For more info on Taqueria El Michoacano Mexican Restaurant, call 586-752-5224