The Bee’s Knees Pottery Summer Camps 2023

The Bee’s Knees Pottery Summer Camps in Northville for kids ages 8 and up offers new and exciting themes throughout the summer that stir a child’s imagination and innovation using problem solving and critical thinking. Confidence levels rise as campers amaze themselves with their artistic accomplishments.

The Bee’s Knees Pottery Summer Camps 2023 Ages 8+

All of The Bee’s Knees Summer Camps for kids ages 8+ are held from 10a-noon Mondays through Thursdays. Choose 1 day camps for $45 per day or 4 day sessions of camp for $170. Register today by calling 248-347-6718 or visiting the camp section at

Fairy, Gnome and Dragon Homes / June 26-29 / 10a-noon / Ages 8+ 
It’s all about Fairy, Gnome and Dragon habitats. You’ll have a garden full of mystery when we’re finished. Campers will be working with special outdoor art forms. Campers receive a Northville Fairy Hunt Coloring Book  to go on your own exploration.

Pretty Little Beasties / July 10-13 / 10a-noon / Ages 8+
Create your own Beasts. Campers will hand build with different types of clay to make your own world of creatures!

It’s an Outdoor Life! / August 7-10 / 10a-noon / Ages 8+
This will be a great study in our outdoor world and their habitat. Campers will work in many different art forms including clay. Every day will be a new project and a different type of art.

The Bee’s Knees Pottery 
149 East Main Street
Northville MI 48167


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