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Virtual Learning vs In-Class Learning

Virtual Learning vs In-Class Learning, here’s how it will look this fall for Rochester Community Schools students K-12 and how it may look for many other Oakland County School districts.


UPDATE 8/5/20 –After great care and thoughtful consideration, we have determined that the best course of action is for RCS to utilize the remote learning component of our Return to School Roadmap for the start of the 2020-21 school year”. Per RCS TWITTER

School districts are slowly starting to roll out their plans for the 2020/2021 school year. Obviously there are so many challenges to face in the coming weeks in regards to the decision-making. Most schools haven’t rolled out anything official or “locked in” yet, but Rochester Community Schools (RCS) and RCS Superintendent Robert Shaner have released some guidelines at how the Fall return to school will look.

Like many districts, parents & students are going to have to decide (and relatively quickly) whether their child will follow a stay at home virtual campaign, or return to school with plenty of social distancing guidelines for everyone involved to adhere to.

I couldn’t break down the differences any better than RCS did when they tweeted out these schedules, so I’ll simply include them below with analysis. PIC 1 is the Virtual Campus Schedule. PIC 2 is the In-School Schedule (for Secondary Students as K-6 students will already be in 1 fixed classroom per grade).

2020/2021 RCS School year Virtual School Schedule

2020/2021 RCS In-School Schedule

Again, these are going to be RCS policies. I’m sure every district will look a little, if not vastly different. In both virtual and in-class cases, I applaud RCS for thinking “outside the box” when it comes to keeping students safe. I’m curious to how full the classrooms are going to be this Fall. 50% capacity? 25%? 75%? I have no idea.

Personally, I’m quite surprised at how BOTH versions (virtual & in-class) look. I knew the school days were going to be a lot different than what we’re used to, but I’m surprised at how MUCH different they will look. (Editor’s Note – I don’t mean “surprised” as a negative or a positive in either scenario)


Virtual Learning vs In-Class Learning article source of info –

When it comes to Virtual Learning vs In-Class Learning for school, I’m hoping there is zero judgment from families when it comes to what other students and their parents choose for their education.

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