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Why the Hatred for Kid Rock?

Why the Hatred for Kid Rock? – I’ve lived in Metro Detroit / Oakland County my entire life and I can’t understand the local hatred for Kid Rock.

Why the Hatred for Kid Rock?

To me, it’s flat-out Detroit on Detroit crime to see how harsh people in his hometown can be toward him.

I’m not an uber Kid Rock fan but I know enough about him to wonder why anyone in Michigan would criticize him.

On the surface, Kid Rock’s music and over-the-top persona can be a bit of any easy target to pick at… kind of like how it’s so easy now to make fun of 80s Heavy Metal and hair bands. Even the glammiest of the 80s rock pretty boys never had to endure the ridicule that Kid Rock seems to – even in his home state.

A few weeks ago Kid found out through the grapevine that a Kid Rock superfan (Dan McGurk) with Down’s Syndrome was making the trek from Ohio with his family to visit Union Woodshop in Clarkston (one of Kid Rock’s favorite restaurants) to celebrate his birthday. Long story short, Kid decided to show up to sing Happy Birthday to Dan and shower him with some nifty Kid Rock merchandise (see video below at about 2:50). Not only did Rock show up, he stuck around for over an hour to chat with his new pal. Pretty sweet, huh? Well, some of the vitriol in the comments section surprised me. The comments were insensitive to both Kid and McGurk. Vile trolls.

A friend of mine posted the video (the birthday one) to their facebook timeline and I was stunned to see how many Metro Detroiters could have so many negative reactions to such a positive gesture. I mean, the video below is the feel-good equivalent of a video of a firefighter helping a kitten out of a tree but the Kid Rock video reaction was flooded with “he sucks!” etc etc…

[vsw id=”bUPaPnz-sc0″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Why the Hatred for Kid Rock? Kid Rock does so much for this area. He recently donated a cool $20,000 to help support a magazine to chronicle Detroit’s history. Let’s not forget how many trips he’s made to entertain the troops. You don’t need me to provide every example, you can check out his Kid Rock Foundation charity page for yourself. Kid Rock isn’t Madonna and he isn’t Magic Johnson – people who claim to support Michigan but left Michigan (and took all the money with them)! Kid Rock gives unflinchingly to Michigan causes (and national ones).

There are so many contributions Kid Rock has made that have flown under the radar. He once learned that the Milan High School Golf Team had their golf clubs stolen and, behind the scenes, called up his buddy John Daly to promptly ship enough new clubs to outfit the whole team. I remember years ago he found out some pizza delivery driver in Ohio was robbed and severely beaten. Kid Rock sent him some money while he recovered from his injuries. The funny thing was that the robbery victim wasn’t even a Kid Rock fan. Against Kid’s request, the guy went to the press to tell them what Kid had done for him and to thank him publicly for how much that Kid had helped him during a time of need. Whenever the media approaches Kid Rock about his charitable deeds like these, he usually brushes them off or he becomes flat-out agitated that he’s somehow injected in the story.

Never mind the charity.. Look what Kid Rock has done for the concert industry. Lower ticket prices and lower merchandise prices so everyone can enjoy a concert. Not only is it good PR, he’s actually changing the way some greedy promoters operate.

So, you don’t like Kid Rock’s music. Fine. I like some of his songs and have an album or two by him but I’m not a huge fan. I don’t see how anyone can knock him personally though. He does more for people around here than just about any other artist. Dislike his music or persona all you want, I’m glad he’s in our backyard. I’m glad he stayed. And thankfully, he doesn’t give a shit what these people say anways. Why the Hatred for Kid Rock?

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