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Yates Cider Mill Rochester Hills Review & Pics

Yates Cider Mill Rochester Hills review, pics, and info Yates Cider Mill in Rochester Hills has been a Metro Detroit cider mill institution since the 1860s.

Nestled along the banks of the Clinton River and situated at the corner of Avon Rd and Dequindre Rd, Yates is one of the most popular cider mills in Metro Detroit. The crowds Yates draws on fall weekends are incredible and even the weekdays are busy with seemingly unending school field trips!


Yates Cider Mill Rochester Hills is strangely similar to Franklin Cider Mill in Bloomfield Hills. In fact, we often refer to Yates in our household at “Franklin Cider Mill East”. Both rank among the oldest mills in Metro Detroit, resemble each other a bit (right down to the water wheels), both are extremely crowded on weekends, and both seem to have the same parking, traffic & space limitations (especially when crowded).

Yates Cider Mill Rochester Hills Pics

While Yates Cider Mill isn’t a recreational fall wonderland like some of the more entertaining cider mills (Blake’s, Three Cedars, Westview Orchards), there are still some activities and places to see… There is a small caged in area for children to feed the goats and they do offer affordable pony rides on the weekends. Directly across the street from the mill is beautiful Yates Park which has plenty of places to relax and fish. The Yates experience is in the cider and its serene location.

You won’t find the rustic charm of a Blake’s or Parmenters Cider Mill at Yates. While the grounds at Yates are pretty, the inside of the cider mill is pretty cavernous and gloomy. Inside Yates, you’ll find pies, jellies, apple butter, apple salsa, and other cider mill favorites in addition to the cider and donuts.

Outside of the cider mill you can venture over to the far less gloomy Fudge Shop where you’ll be surprised at how many different types of fudge exist. If you’re lucky, you can see them make create delicious fudge right in front of you. The Apple Tent is near The Fudge Shop and offers pecks of apples.

The popularity of Yates definitely means you can expect to pay higher prices. I know every cider mill brags about their donuts but Yates cider mill donuts are the real deal! They make ’em tiny and they’re awesome! To me, their secret is the nutmeg they use to spice ’em up! Delicious!

Speaking of popularity… Food Network even featured Yates on a special on “Fall Favorites”. You can watch their video here.

In the battle of the two most popular cider mills in Metro Detroit (Yates and Franklin), I’d have to call it a draw! They’re that similar. Excellent, but similar.

Yates is one of the few cider mills in Metro Detroit open past Thanksgiving. Yates stays open all Fall until just days before Christmas every year.

September & October Yates Cider Mill Hours
Monday through Friday from 7a-7p
Saturday and Sunday from 9a-7p

November Yates Cider Mill Hours
Monday through Friday from 8a-6p
Saturday and Sundays from 10a-5p
(closed Thanksgiving Day)

Yates Cider Mill Rochester Hills
1990 E Avon Road
Rochester Hills, Michigan 48307

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