Chillermania Indian River Review – Pics

Chillermania Indian River Review and pics. Chillermania is author Jonathon Rand’s personal HQ, store, and museum of American Chillers and Michigan Chillers books and memorbilia.

The Chillermania Indian River MI store is a fun little stop if you’re up north in the Petoskey/Harbor Springs/Indian River area. Kids really enjoy it. Chillermania is decked out like a year-round Halloween shop with all the spooky skeletons and bats. The walls are stacked with books and posters from floor to ceiling and is a small museum dedicated to the insanely popular Chillers series.

Chillermania Indian River MI Pics

Johnathan Rand, author of the American Chillers and Michigan Chillers series, is a frequent traveller throughout the school year as he visits many schools to visit with students and promote his children’s books. Johnathan Rand is also an author of mystery/sci fi books for adults. He uses a pen name (Chris Knight) so as to not confuse people who might think they are children’s books.

We stopped by Chillermania in late August and were lucky enough to be greeted by Johnathan Rand himself (your best bet to catch him are the summer months)! Johnathan Rand was available for a quick interview and to sign some books for my kids. Here’s a bit from our chat:

Oakland County Moms – What are your plans for the next Chillers book?

altChillers Book Series Author Johnathan Rand – Next in the American Chillers series is book #38, Wicked Waterpark of Wyoming. It’s a true story. It happened to me when I was in Wyoming a couple of years ago. Barely escaped with my life. I’m very lucky to be here today, you know. And then, #39 is Angry Army Ants Ambush Alabama. The Michigan Chillers next book, and it probably won’t be until either winter or spring, is a Ghostly Haunting in Grand Haven.

Oakland County Moms – How many hours in a day do you usually write?

Chillers Book Series Author Johnathan Rand – I usually write every day. This last month has been almost impossible. I’ve been involved in a movie project and had a writing camp that we wrapped up. But I like to if I can go 4-6 hours a day, that’s my ideal time. When I travel from September to May, that’s easier to do because I get up really early. I get up at like 3:00 in the morning and I write before I go to my school visits or colleges or libraries…So I get all my writing done really early in the morning.

Oakland County Moms – Is the movie project based on a book?

Chillers Book Series Author Johnathan Rand – It’s based on a book but it’s based on one of my adult books. It’s called Best Seller. It’s not at all in any way intended for kids.

Chillermania is an excellent place to visit for kids. Imagine if your favorite author or celebrity had their own store or shrine where you could just drop-in and perhaps meet him or her!

Chillermania Indian River
1651 S Straits Hwy
Indian River, Michigan 49749

Chillermania Indian River Hours
Monday through Friday 9-6
Saturday 10-5 / Sunday 10-5

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