At-Home Youth Sports Practice

At-home youth sports practice drills & tips courtesy of our friends at i9. i9 is planning a summer of outdoor fun with t-ball, soccer, flag football and more for kids ages 4-10 beginning late June / Early July and can’t wait to see your kids on the field when it is deemed safe to play

i9 has extended the summer deadlines for program registrations. This means that the current price for the program will be “locked” into place and there will be NO LATE FEES added due to the uncertainty. As more information arises, i9 will email you when a new deadline has been determined. Sign-up for i9 Youth Sports Summer Sports Registrations.


In the meantime, i9 offering up some social distancing safe, stay-at-home fun tips get help kids get ready for all of their sports. Kids can even practice by themselves.

At-Home Youth Sports Practice During Covid-19

altAt-Home Youth Sports Practice – SOCCER

Pass Accuracy Drill – Mark some spots (targets) in the yard using cones or even old frisbees and space them out. Stand 10 feet away from a target and try to hit your target. Once hit, move on to the next. After 1 round, move the targets further back.

Footwork Obstacle Course – Place cones (or any target) 2 feet apart in a straight line. Then more cones 5 feet apart after that. Then more cones 10 feet apart after that. Dribble the ball weaving in and out of the cones and take a shot at the end of course. Time yourself to see if you can improve.

Shot Accuracy Drill – Mark a sturdy wall with colored tape. Stand 10 feet back and take shots at a target until hit. Once hit, move on to the next target. When finished stand 12 feet back and try again.

At-Home Youth Sports Practice – FLAG FOOTBALL

Obstacle Course – Set up a fun obstacle course with household items in the yard. Time yourself running through the course. Then try to do it backwards.

Flag Tag – Have your parents loosely tie a flag around one of their belt loops. Chase your parent or sibling and try to pull it off them.

At-Home Youth Sports Practice – T-BALL / BASEBALL

Bucket Aim Drill – Place buckets at various distances throughout the yard. Hit the buckets

Eye on the Ball – Draw a large dot on a baseball. Put the ball on the tee with the ball facing where the umpire would stand. Focus on the dot all the way through your swing.

Ball Placement Drill – Place buckets or targets throughout the yard away from the tee. Have the batter aim for the targets.

At-Home Youth Sports Practice – BASKETBALL

Dribbling Drill – Dribble 1 ball waist high for 1 minute then switch to dribbling low for 1 minute. Then repeat the steps while walking. As you get better…. you can use 2 balls (1 for each hand) and alternate dribbling high and low with the different balls.


For more at home youth sports practice drills during Covid-19, visit the i9 Youth Sports Pinterest Page.

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