Code Galaxy Virtual Summer Camps 2022

Code Galaxy Virtual Summer Camps offers online courses in Graphic Design, Web Development, CAD, Minecraft, Scratch, and more for kids ages 5-17.

Code Galaxy offers the most comprehensive online summer camps students can enroll in. All classes are taught live by qualified teachers at a time that works for you. They offer programming skills for elementary and middle-schoolers through thrilling and interactive projects.

At Code Galaxy camps, students take ownership of what they are learning as they dive deep into the world of computer science with courses on game development, design, web development, Python programming, and other STEM-related programs.

Certificates of Completion are sent out when children complete a module. There are also awards and badges…just a few ways for kids to feel motivated to keep up the great work.

Early bird discounts are available in a tier format. The earlier you sign up, the bigger the discount. REGISTER HERE

Code Galaxy Virtual Summer Camps 2022

Camps run June 6, 2022 through August 5, 2022 from 8a-3p

Code Galaxy Camp Descriptions

Scratch – Students will learn how to use Scratch (a block-based coding program with colors and characters) to create their own games, stories, and animations that they can share with friends and family.

Minecraft – Students will learn how to create items and code for the behavior of the items in the popular 3D game Minecraft, as well as create a series of events with custom commands, and make a collection of mods that depend on and interact with each other using blocks-based programming.

Roblox – Students will create (design and code) their own beautiful-looking Roblox games, while at the same time they will be learning different computer science concepts such as events and methods.

Python – Students will be introduced to the basics of Python programming language and computer science. They will have the opportunity to program a series of fun games and rewarding code challenges.

CAD (Intro to 3D Modeling) – Students will learn CAD and experience a fun, easy to use, web-based 3D modeling and design application. They will create simple 3D models and keep the files to be 3D printed anywhere you can find a 3D printer.

Enroll today or sign-up for a free trial and learn why Code Galaxy is the coding school families love the most.

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