De La Salle Collegiate Summer Camps 2020

De La Salle Collegiate Summer Camps offers academic, artistic, and athletic summer camps for boys and girls ages Third Grade through 12th Grade. Kids can enjoy 3-4 day sports camps, academic camps / STEM camps, art camps, even a sports broadcasting camp.

UPDATE 6/27/20 – Due to concerns about the Coronavirus / Covid-19, All camps have been canceled for the summer of 2020.

All camps take place at De La Salle High School in Warren, MI and are taught by De La Salle coaches, teachers, and staff.

De La Salle Collegiate Summer Camps 2020 

De La Salle Collegiate Summer Camps 2020 – ACADEMIC CAMPS

Academic Prep Camp
July 27-30. Students spend time each day on English, Math, Business and Finance, participate in physical, team-building activities, receive their email address and learn the Google Apps for Education, learn about the college application process and how being an alumnus can benefit them for the rest of their lives. Cost – $225 (lunch included)

June 22-25. This camp is designed to provide each student a jump start on the ACT/SAT tests. Cost – $150

Chemistry Camp
June 1 -18. Students will carry out experiments, watch demos and conduct activities that will help them gain a better understanding of the chemicals in their own house and beyond. Cost $150

Engineering Camp
June 15-18. Learn manual and computer 3D drawing (CAD) skills, create and design basic two and three-dimensional designs using CATIA, a prominent engineering software which exposes them to in-demand real-world skills. Cost 175

Medical Camp
June 22-25. Learn anatomy and physiology of the human body and receive practice in many important medical skills including but not limited to: Performing a History and Physical Exam, Dissecting a pig, how to make incisions, suture skin, tie surgical knots, Reading X-rays, using medical terminology to describe body locations and procedures, Learning how to perform first aid and CPR. Cost $175

Robotics Camp
July 13-16. Work together to construct, program, and complete a Lego Mindstorms robot. These are abilities that will transfer to classes and careers in the science and technology fields. Cost $250

De La Salle Summer Camps 2020 – SPORTS CAMPS

Baseball Camp
June 22-24. Students receive individual attention on hitting, pitching, base running, and infield/outfield defense Cost – $180

Basketball Camp
July 13-16. Campers will be given an individual analysis of their current shooting stroke, and tips on ways to improve, including the use of the NOAH Shooting Aid System program. Cost $150

Bowling Camp
June 15-17. The focus is to develop biomechanical efficiency through physical game drills including lane transition, targeting techniques, ball selection, surface adjustments, and proper mental skills needed to develop champions. Cost $225 (Includes new ball).

Football Camp
June 15-17. Learn instructional drills by position on offense and defense, stressing proper technique and safety to the players. Cost $150

Golf Camp
July 27-30. Get instructed on topics ranging from technique and mechanics to golf course management. Cost 200

Hockey Camp
July 6-8. Improves each player’s game by drilling the fundamental skills and language. Instructors to work with each camper on improving his or her skills and mindset. Players will be given one-on-one instruction in passing, shooting, defense, forecheck, goaltending. Cost $250

Lacrosse Camp
July 27-29. Learn the fundamentals of passing and cradling techniques, shooting for middies and attackmen, quick sticks and situational scoring and long passing, proper footwork, slides and clears for defensemen. Cost $150

Soccer Camp
July 20-23. Camp is designed to push players to reach their potential, allow them to train with their friends and teammates, and prepare them for their upcoming seasons. Players will spend the week learning soccer the right way, working hard, and having fun. Cost $135

Speed, Strength, & Running Camp
July 7-10. Provide training to all athletes, to increase their speed and strength, no matter what sport they play. Cost $100

Sports Broadcasting Camp
June 23-25. Learn play-by-play announcing techniques, color commentary, player and coach interviews, and technical use of equipment. Cost $150

De La Salle Camps 2020 – ARTS CAMPS

Art Camp
June 22-24. Learn skills and build on ones you already have this summer. These four days will help kids not only create original works with new techniques but will teach kids to think and see like an artist. Cost $130

To register online visit, or call Mr Steve Laudicina at 586-541-6262.

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