Earth-Gard Multi Purpose Cleaner Review


Earth-Gard Multi Purpose Cleaner Review – I cook A LOT. Not so much by choice, but more due to my children’s specific dietary needs. Anyway, it shows it on my stove. (I use olive oil to saute frequently.) The grey burner pans and grates were looking more on the black side. My mother-in-law saw the monstrous mess, and asked what I’ve tried so far to clean it. Honestly, I had tried everything and nothing worked. She found a product on QVC that supposedly cleans the worst greasy messes with ease. She bought me a bottle and dropped it off one day. Earth-Gard Multi Purpose Cleaner comes with steel wool pads that stick onto a brush handle for easy scrubbing. I used  Earth-Gard with the steel wool pads, held in my hand instead of using the handle. I won’t lie, I worked on this huge project on-and-off for three days. I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. And,  Earth-Gard Multi Purpose Cleaner really worked! I got almost all of the greasy grime off. I wish I had some before and after pics to share. I hope this review is helpful.


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