Essential Oils Tips for Beginners

Essential oils tips for beginners – About essential oils whether using them with a diffuser or topically. My introduction to essential oils and how to start on the latest holistic craze.

Essential Oils Tips for Beginners

I have to admit that I’ve been a bit holistic lately… all my organic foods, avoiding preservatives and chemicals, going vegan with my diet, etc. I apologize in advance for boring you and I want to stress that I hope I am not coming off as preachy, but I’m one that loves to share when I find something that works for me.

I attended an event recently that had vendor tables and one had an old friend sitting there with a display of essential oils. I’ve never heard much about them, but as she began telling me more I was definitely intrigued. And, I trusted her because I’ve known her for a while.


There are so many essential oils and each has its own set of benefits. Essential oils claim to help do many things, i.e. calm you, give you energy, balance your hormones, pump up your sex drive and more.

There are a few ways to ingest the essential oils. You can diffuse them (using an essential oils specific diffuser), you can mix them with a carrier oil and use it topically, or you can ingest the oil (only when it’s ok and safe to do so).

Essential Oils Tips for Beginners – Buy A Diffuser

I purchased an essential oils diffuser and have been using it in my bedroom at night with lavender oil to help me sleep. I’ve also used it with the lemon and orange essential oils to give me energy. I enjoy the diffuser because it is the most effective way to get the joy from the actual scent of the oil. My advice is to go on Amazon and read up on some of the reviews to get the best diffuser possible.

Using a carrier for the essential oils allows you to get skin benefits in addition to the other claims. It is suggested to use Grape Seed oil or coconut oil. You can only use the oils when they have been mixed in a carrier oil, not straight. I’ve purchased some cold pressed organic coconut oil and bring it to its liquid state before adding a few drops of the oil(s). I feel like a mad scientist coming up with new concoctions. This method of using the oils has replaced lotions in my house. My friend had explained that our skin absorbs 60% of what is put on it topically and a big majority of the ingredients found in the store bought lotions contain cancer causing substances. I did not check on the validity of these claims, but figured using the oils has to be better for me than the ingredients I can’t pronounce in most of the lotions.

Ingesting the oils is only an option if you have an oil that is deemed safe to ingest. I personally did not invest hundreds of dollars by purchasing the Therapeutic Grade, Organic essential oils. First, after having done some research, I did find that organic oils had not superior benefit over the non-organic oils, and that the non-organic oils were not at all unsafe (or full of pesticides, etc.). The process of making the essential oils avoids any non-pure, unnatural ingredients.

Essential Oils Tips for Beginners – Where to Buy

I purchase my oils from the Puritan’s Pride website. I found a special sale and bought some of the basics. So far, I have been very happy with them. Some have more obvious benefits than the others, but all are great to use. Here are just a few of my recommendations (there’s way too much to summarize it all here; a lot of info can be found online)

Essential Oils Tips for Beginners – What to Start With

Frankinscense – great for skin care (anti-aging)
Lavendar – soothing; good for sleep
Lemon, Orange, Spearmint – very uplifting and energetic
Clary Sage – AWESOME for the hormones… let me tell you this… if you get nothing out of this post, you have to at least give the Clary Sage a shot if you’re having “female” problems. This stuff has been a God-send. My cravings, intense mood swings, ridiculousy heavy you-know-what – all lessened dramatically with this essential oil!

If you’re thinking about embracing essential oils as a hobby, I hope my essential oils for beginners guide is helpful. Well, that’s enough of a rant for now… until the next holistic remedy I come across. I hope you find these essential oils tips for beginners helpful.

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