Family Facts Pregnancy Organizer and Planner

Family Facts Pregnancy Organizer and Planner Рreview and features of a pregnancy organizer РFamily Facts Pregnancy Organizer and Planner. 
I can still recall from my first pregnancy more than 9 years ago how I loved to keep everything about my pregnancy organized and written in my planner. Unfortunately, my planner at the time was not set up for pregnant woman, so many of the details were missing, or were recorded somewhere else instead of being all in one easily referenced place. As a mom-to-be, I cherished this information about my experience, and I was incredibly busy so I needed a resource that would also keep me organized.

A planner can only do so much. It was great for keeping track of all the appointments (and boy, there were many – as any mom can attest to). But, what about my test results, tracking my weight gain and blood pressure, jotting down the name ideas…? Not only did I want to record all this information for tracking purposes, but I also wanted them for a keepsake. I still have my planner and other books where I tried to record as much as I could, but I am missing certain parts of the pregnancy experience.

This is where I wish I had a better system at the time. Recently, I received a Family Facts Pregnancy Organizer and Planner for review from Pam Socolow. This organizer has everything a mom-to-be needs. The Family Facts planner is a six ring sturdy binder that is broken out by sections that are divided with tabs: Calendar, Contacts, Health, and Baby Planning. Each section is filled with pages that keep moms-to-be organized with all the information, events, classes, appointments, and details they are faced with during pregnancy. And, it’s all in one place.

Calendar – a non-dated weekly calendar with enough space to write all your appointments (pregnancy and non-pregnancy.
Contacts – many pages where you can enter contact information for your Health Care providers, neighbors, sitters, referrals, and more.
Health – this is where you can record all your results and information from your doctor visits, labs, etc.
Baby Planning – this section is for keeping track of the fun stuff, i.e. baby names, friendly advice you received, baby shower planning and registry, etc.

The Family Facts Pregnancy Organizer and Planner will also make a great keepsake. Although pregnancies can sometimes be tough to endure and can be met with challenges, they are still something that many moms will cherish as a special time in their lives, and this pregnancy planner allows new moms to keep every detail.

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