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Free Santa Claus Video Messages Websites

Free Santa Claus Video Messages Websites – North Pole Videos and Portable North Pole websites feature free personalized video messages from Santa Claus. Simply visit their websites, fill in some info and your video message is sent to your email address for you to watch with your kids.

You can help Santa put together a customized message for your child(ren) which will then be accessible to watch by video! The kids love it and will love to see how Santa has been watching and how he knows a lot about every child, and what he/she wants for Christmas.

Portable North Pole dot com features free video messages. Simply visit their website, fill in some info and Portable North Pole will send you a custom interactive video featuring Santa Claus talking to your child about their Christmas list.

Santa tells them if they’ve been good or bad, if they will get what they are asking for for Christmas, he even answers a secret question for every child! Kids will be amazed at how much this message is made just for them. I did this for both my kids already and I can’t wait to show them their videos from Santa. Portable North Pole has been offering these free Santa Claus video messages since 2008.

Portable North Pole dot com also features other Christmas and Santa Claus related videos, games, letters from Santa, packages and more.

North Pole Videos dot com is another website that features free Santa Claus video messages personalized and sent to your child. Check out

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