Getting Your Home Ready for Baby Tips

Getting your home ready for baby tips. September is National Baby Safety Month, and there’s a wealth of information out there that includes everything from car seat safety, drowning prevention, first aid and more. But what about the hidden dangers around the house that can’t be seen?

Robin Wilson, a wellness and sustainability expert who is an ambassador to The Allergy & Asthma Foundation of America, and is an expecting mom herself, offers these health tips for Oakland County Moms readers that are less commonly heard about but equally as important when it comes to getting your home baby-ready.

Getting your home ready for baby tips

  • Painting the baby’s room – Make sure and use low-to-no VOC paints which will ensure that allergen and asthma triggers are limited – and that will make all the difference to the health of your new baby and your  family.
  • Professional cleaning before baby’s arrival – Before your new baby enters the world, empty his or her new room and have it cleaned by a professional to remove allergens and dust particles. It’s also important to have your refrigerator cleaned as well to prevent harmful bacteria from sharing the same environment with your baby’s bottles.
  • Switch to hypoallergenic linens – One in four children suffer from allergies and one in six inner-city kids suffer from Asthma.  Hypoallergenic products can make a huge difference in eliminating the “wheezes and sneezes.”  Hypoallergenic products are available in blankets, towels, mattress covers and more, and are available to consumers at any budget level to provide eco-healthy options.
  • Choose window treatments carefully – Make sure and wash or vacuum window treatments at least twice a year. Instead of dust catching curtains, you might want to consider a different solution for your home such as blinds, shutters or upholstered window shades.
  • Maintain cleanliness – Vacuum your baby’s room at least once a week. Install a HEPA filter for your vacuum cleaner and air conditioner. Dust regularly but never when your baby is in the room.  Use only certified green cleaners.

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