Kinesthetic Learners Traits

Kinesthetic Learners Traits – how to identify a Kinesthetic learner and nurture Kinesthetic learning abilities in your child. A Kinesthetic learners are students that excel by performing physical, hands-on activities rather than absorbing information through lectures and observation.

describes my son exactly.  I always noticed how odd it was that he would be jumping around, but hearing and taking everything in at the same time.  It’s easy to assume he’s not paying attention and to get frustrated. But, with further observation, it seems he has better focus when he is allowed to move while attempting to absorb information or accomplish a task.

Kinesthetic learners are often misunderstood but hopefully I will shed some light to make the teaching of these learners a bit easier.


Unlike the visual learner that needs to see pictures and takes notes and the auditory learner that learns by listening the kinesthetic learner can not sit still. I was particularly interested in learning about this type of learning style because two of my children find it extremely difficult to sit still when I am teaching.

Meanwhile, when I tested them the ones who received the highest grades, amazingly enough were the two who could not sit still. This was an indication that these particular children are kinesthetic learners.

Kinesthetic Learners Traits

  • moves, fidgets, or taps their fingers and feet during the teaching of a lesson
  • these learners are often labeled as ‘hyperactive’ and many experience difficulties in traditional schools because they can’t sit still
  • do very well in athletic activities such as dance, karate, football, etc.
  • make great performers and actors because they can learn while moving and also make wonderful surgeons because they are always moving and talking while performing surgeries

Kinesthetic learners do very well with experiments because they can multi-task and building models while learning will reinforce the lesson. They have great eye-hand coordination and should use all 5 senses when learning. They tend to do very well with online learning because of the visual and auditory and the use of their hands on the keyboard.

Kinesthetic learners need lists and plans to succeed in their activities. They do very well when they can takes notes, draw pictures, or collect photographs which will help them remember concepts. It is very much like a coach when teaching or preparing his team for a big game. He will use the chalk board and draw graphics, while explaining and moving all at the same time. This is the perfect way for a kinesthetic learner to approach his studies.

If you have a kinesthetic learner at home, do not lose your patience. Get them involved in teaching and try to instill some of the suggestions given. They will thank you for it and you will see the results of your efforts.

As always remember to make learning fun.

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