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Metro Detroit Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Unique Metro Detroit Christmas gift ideas for kids that are better than toys! It’s October, and you know what that means when moms go to the shopping mall?

It’s already time to start thinking about Christmas gifts for the kids.

Last season, parents fretted over getting the hot Christmas merchandise that was anything connected with the “Frozen” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” movie franchises. Just thinking of the hassles lying ahead for gift-buyers this holiday season is enough to make anyone shout “bah, humbug.”

“Experience gifting” is a way for parents and grandparents to avoid the headache by giving presents that provide meaning beyond purchasing another toy. Experiential gifts, as opposed to material gifts, allow the recipient to have an experience – think travel, music, adventure or learning a new skill. It’s also a way for parents and grandparents to share time together with their kids in a novel way that just doesn’t come from playing with toys. Europe and Australia pioneered the idea in the 1990s, and it has blossomed in popularity in the United States during the past decade to become one of the faster-growing segments of the $253 billion a year gift industry.

To help you focus more on fun and less on stuff this Christmas, here are three kids’ experience gift ideas with a Metro Detroit flair!

Unique Metro Detroit Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Metro Detroit Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids – Swim Lessons – The American Association of Pediatrics says children can safely take swim lessons before they even turn 1, and the goal is for children to know how to swim by the time they can walk. At Goldfish Swim School, trained instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach kids ages 4 months and older swim skills that will stay with them for life, using a specialized curriculum. Goldfish’s 10,000-square-foot facilities feature a 90-degree pool, state-of-the-art water purification system and 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio. To register at one of the seven Goldfish Swim Schools locations in Metro Detroit, visit Added bonus – This holiday season you will receive a bucket full of swim goodies as a free gift with each 2-month membership.

Metro Detroit Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids- College saving program “e-gift” – A contribution to a college education fund will continue to make a difference in a loved one’s life long after he or she outgrows clothes or wears out a toy. And Christmas is an ideal time to consider the easy and smart way to start saving for college. This includes 529 college saving plans such as the Michigan Education Savings Program. MESP has a program that allows family and friends to contribute toward a child’s college education with only a few clicks on a computer. The “e-gifting” feature was initially introduced for the holidays, but we encourage considering a contribution toward a child’s education for any gift-giving occasion, including birthdays and other celebratory milestones. Also, family and friends who contribute can download and complete an MESP Gift of Education Certificate, which they can wrap, frame or place in a card to present to a child as a gift. For more on MESP, visit

Metro Detroit Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids – Zoo/Museum Memberships – A membership to the Detroit Zoo or Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) is a gift that will keep on giving for a lifetime. DIA recipients will receive free admission to the museum and special exhibitions, discounts at the museum shop and cafeteria, and much more. You can give the gift of art by calling the Membership HelpLine at 313-833-7971 or by purchasing a gift membership online. The Detroit Zoological Society (DZS) offers many gift ideas that allow the giver to give twice – recipients will love their “zoonique” gifts and the proceeds from sales will help support the animals at the Detroit Zoo. A Detroit Zoo membership provides a year’s supply of “Vitamin Z” with free daytime admission and parking to the Detroit Zoo and Belle Isle Nature Zoo, discounts at Zoo gift shops and many other benefits. Prices range from $53 to $160. Residents of Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties receive $10 off all categories and can purchase up to four gift memberships at the discounted rate.

This article is provided by Goldfish Swim Schools of Metro Detroit for Oakland County Moms. See related posts below to learn more about Goldfish Swim Schools and to read their posts.

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