Motorola Xoom Tablet Review

Motorola Xoom Tablet Review – review of the Motorola Xoom tablet by Verizon. The Motorola Xoom won me over quickly. The screen size is great, the battery life with the Motorola Xoom is good, and the app selection is extensive with several free ones available. Having a Motorola Xoom on hand fits nicely into my busy schedule and allows for me to be more efficient. Here’s how…

I have a laptop that I use religiously. If anything ever happened to it, I would be devestated and set back for days. But, there are still times when even a laptop is not convenient enough. When I go to pick up my kids from school and I’m waiting in the loop, the Motorola Xoom is way more convenient for checking my emails, doing research on the internet, placing orders online, and so much more. Yes, these same things can be done from my phone or laptop, but not as simply and efficiently as with the Motorola Xoom tablet. The Motorola Xoom tablet is quick and getting on the internet is easy. My phone can get bogged down and not function the greatest when I’m trying to do too many things at one time. And, trying to squeeze a laptop between me and my steering wheel is just a pain. Plus, the screen size on the Motorola Xoom tablet is much better than the smaller version on a phone or the larger option with a laptop.

Also, I love being able to grab the Motorola Xoom tablet and throw it in my purse when I’m on the go. I have many business meetings where I meet up at a small coffee shop and having the Motorola Xoom tablet with me was all I needed. My laptop is now beginning to seem too large and unnecessary for these occasions.

Finally, another instance I noticed where I love to use the Motorola Xoom tablet is for when I’m in the kitchen cooking a new recipe I found online. I used to bring my laptop into the kitchen and place it on the counter, minimizing my working area. Or, I would run back and forth between my office and the kitchen. Now, I bring the Motorola Xoom tablet and refer to the recipe while I’m cooking. I’m not one for printing recipes (which I’ll end up losing or tossing out anyway). Simply referring to the tablet is a welcomed time saver and convenient alternative, especially since I’m always looking to cook something new.

Oh yeah, I can’t leave out that the Motorola Xoom has become my favorite Sudoku machine! It’s perfect for it! Whether I’m on the go or lying in bed, it beats the archaic pencil and paper version or straining my eyes to play it on my phone.

When it comes down to it, I’m all about finding ways to make my life easier. Having a Motorola Xoom tablet is one way. But, at what cost? The average price of a Motorola Xoom is $500, and in most cases you need to tack on a monthly data plan on top of that. So, if it came down to it where I was thinking of purchasing a Motorola Xoom tablet, I’d have a lot to weigh and consider. I hope this Motorola Xoom tablet review is helpful.

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